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Does webp images not shows on ios

hi I use webp images on my wordpress site but when I open the site on ios devices the images are not showing its only work on ios 14 blow version it's not showing
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MP4 video on wordpress working on desktop, not on mobile devices

I embedded a video in the following URL: I made it with Premiere Pro CC, exported it as H.264. The code I use in WordPress: [video src="
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2 answers

Whats the best Practice for using a different Theme for WebView Apps?

I want to setup an Android and iOS App that calls my WP site via WebView. Somehow, i wasn't able to find the best way to do this via Google. First I was thinking about putting some Code in my ...
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Apple push notification doesn't work

I wrote a plugin which fires an apple push notification to IOS devices. When I fire it manually via the root directory, it works perfectly. The catch, when I move it to plugin folder and run it as a ...
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Download user generated data from Wordpress

I have created a Wordpress site which I allow users to enter information about themselves such as name, age, sex and address etc. Now that I have this n formation I would like to know the steps I ...
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Wordpress as webapp login session

Using iOS specific metatags I enabled webapp mode on a WP site. It works nice, but I'm facing a problem: Switching between apps breaks the WP session. The webapp loads the splash image again and ...
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IOS home screen icons: where put and what size?

I've read several articles about customizing the home screen icon used by IOS (and some Android) phones/tablets for the "add to homescreen" option. I'm seeing different recommendations re: sizes of ...
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Wordpress Iris Colour Picker adding iOS touch events

I've implemented an Iris Colour Picker into the front-end of my theme thanks to the help provided in this question and all works well on the desktop front. However, it seems as though when it comes to ...
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wp.getUsers XML-RPC method is returning only 50 users, how can i get all the users

In my iphone app i am trying to list out all the users using the wp.getUsers XML-RPC method, but its not returning all the users, in that blog i have around 180 members , but it has returned only 50 ...
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2 answers

How can I improve the performance of this query_posts loop?

I created a WordPress page template to build a customised XML feed for certain WordPress posts on my site. Specifically, the page template renders XML and only includes certain custom post types and ...
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3 answers

Multisites, upload issues, and iOS!

This question has changed significantly. I have the latest version of Wordpress and am hosting it on an Apache server. Link to Blog: Now, here's ...
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4 answers

How to query WordPress from another application?

We're building an iOS app for The iOS app needs to query the website and download recent listings data, including titles, datestamps, thumbnails and custom fields. We would ...
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