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Switching from editing on directly on remote server to PHPstorm local development?

I was recently told that my workflow would be improved if I switched from using emacs to edit the files on a staging server directly to using PHPstorm to make changes to my website. I am fairly lost ...
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Can any IDE (eg PHPStorm, VS Code) correctly show functions added via require get_template_directory() string results?

I would simply like to do some WordPress theme development using statements like require get_template_directory() . '/functions/base.php'; in my functions.php file. It seems IDEs do not ...
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Wordpress / PhpStorm / XDebug and plugin_dir_path issues

I am trying to debug a wordpress plugin. I have XDebug working and I am able to use breakpoints and such. My issue is with the plugin_dir_url(__FILE__) call. It results to
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Method 'post_title' not found in class.

I'm running some code through phpStorm and am getting an error: Method 'post_title' not found in class. at this line: echo $post->post_title(); Is that phpStorm getting things wrong or am I ...
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