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Questions tagged [drag-drop]

A method of moving items between predefined locations in the user interface using JavaScript.

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Make it easier to add, change, and update pages on existing WP website

We're an all-volunteer nonprofit with a 70+ page WordPress website in each of 3 languages: We're happy with the look and content we have, but struggle to add new content,...
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Save event change in WP Fullcalendar: editable + draggable

Plugin: I use a plugin to display my “custom_post_type” events. I have modified the “wp-fullcalendar.php” plugin file in several places to show the ...
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Is there a core Sortable component in Gutenberg?

I managed to somewhat replicate the product gallery metabox from WooCommerce in Gutenberg using the third-party react-sortable-hoc component. As it seems that this component is no longer supported, I'...
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Draggable item in custom gutenberg block

I'm developing some custom blocks in the new Gutenberg editor experience, and I'm struggle to understand how to use some build-in components, mostly the Draggable components. What I would like to ...
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123 views - drag&drop overlay stuck

I've got a very classical (lightbox) implementation to allow images uploading in a custom screen. Everything works: lightbox, upload process, selection, deletion. However as soon as I drag ...
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Use Drag & Drop Functionality from WordPress Admin Area in the Frontend?

I'm building a membership site with a little pseudo-CMS on the frontend that allows users to post music-related items. For this, I would like to give users the ability to order the items by using a ...
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Using in-build Visual Composer param types in custom param types

I'm developing a new param type by following this guide. This new param type will contain a color picker and 3 text fields.To use VC's in-built colorpicker, made a littre research and found these ...
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Widget stuck at particular point when dragging to bottom

This is weird, but when I try to drag a widget to the bottom of sidebar it stuck in the middle, if I hold the dragging and drag it back to top it works but I can't drag it bellow that particular point....
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Custom sortable pages on custom post type

I created a custom post type but I want to put a functionality like the Menu Options located on Appearance>Menu. Which I can just choose a page on the side metabox then add it on the sortable area. ...
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Disable TinyMCE Drag and Drop

I would very much like to disable the drag and drop upload feature for tinyMCE (both the default one and the wp_editor() one) because it interacts with my custom pop up menus - (WP Trac). Right now I'...
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