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Plugin in still active even though it's been deactivated and deleted

I am testing out a no-right click plugin But I didn't like the look of it, so deactivated it and deleted but it still shows up on the website, ...
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How to stop activation addon if the main plugin is not activated

I´m writing an addon. I would like in the install function to stop the activation if the main plugin is inactive. class MyAddon { public function __construct(){ ...
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Is any information available in PHP files in WP about plugin activation history?

I want to identify the plugin names earlier activated on my WordPress site.
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Unable to to self-deactivate plugin using deactivate_plugins()

I have these plugin files: my-plugin/my-plugin.php my-plugin/my-plugin-class.php In my-plugin.php I have the following line: register_activation_hook( __FILE__, array( $my_plugin_object, '...
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Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_cache_get after update attempt

I received the following error after attempting to update my WordPress to the latest version Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_cache_get() in /home/fairmftt/public_html/wp-includes/option.php ...
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Plugin Deactivate Self on Activation Errors

Hi I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction here. I'm having trouble figuring out how deactivate_plugins() works. I've been using variations of the below for awhile now and it's ...
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Does Deactivating a Plugin Help Anything?

Does deactivating a plugin help with any performance on your website? I mean is it worth deactivating plugins that you don't use constantly? Does uninstalling a plugin make any difference from ...
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3 answers

Many plugins making WordPress run slow by design?

So this is what I've read: Many plugins might get WordPress slow if they are activated Many plugins might get WordPress slow even if they are not activated!? An example Let's say I build a large ...
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6 answers

Delete tables from database when deleting plugin

I created a plugin and want to add a function to delete my tables from the database when a user deletes my plugin. I created a function that deletes tables from the DB when a user deactivates my ...
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Using actions, hooks and filters in a non-WordPress page

I have a php script that sits outside of wordpress, but loads WP core with wp-load.php. Here is my basic page: <?php define('WP_USE_THEMES', false); global $wp, $wp_query, $wp_the_query, $...
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All plugins deactivated. What could cause this?

I have an AWS server running four WordPress sites. All plugins have been deactivated on one of the sites and I cannot enable them. When I try enabling them in bulk, or individually, there is no ...
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Activate / Deactivate plugin

I'm working on my first plugin and am trying to use register_activation_hook() and register_deactivation_hook() ... I know I'm not doing this right: /*=================================================...
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2 answers

Removed plugin generating error message

I kinda did something stupid. To test something I created a couple of plugins and during testing I think I renamed the plugin. Now I deleted the plugins but I'm still getting an error message saying ...
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Programmatically disable W3 Total Cache in development environment [closed]

I've got two environments in my project: dev & production. I just want to be able to deactivate or disable W3TC in my dev environment but the plugin has no native support for this . I also can't ...
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admin_notices after register_uninstall / deactivate_hook

I've successfully added admin notices to display on register_activation_hook, and when the plugin updates, but I'm not seeing any way to display admin_notices after the uninstall or deactivation hooks....
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Why does deactivating a plugin cause error: "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page"?

We recently deactivated the bbPress plugin because we don't use it anymore. Immediately following that, no admin users can get into the dashboard without hitting the infamous: "You do not have ...
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Show a confirm message before plug-in activation

I want to display a message when the user try to activate my plugin. This message will ask if him really wants to activate the plugin or, if him change his mind, cancel the activation. How can I ...
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deactivated_plugin hook: get the name of the plugin

I would like that every time any plugin previously activated, a function from my plugin be called, returning (at least) the name of the plugin, or something that allows to identify it (file name?). I ...
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