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Since WordPress 2.3, plugin and theme authors have had the ability to create custom taxonomies-- essentially specialized "categories"-- to help organize information.

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How do I create a custom archive page depending on the custom taxonomy type?

I've created a custom taxonomy called 'productCategories' using register_taxonomy() function. I've set the rewrite slug to 'products'. My question is: How do I render a different template to archive....
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Removing Duplicate Custom Taxonomy Terms from within a Dropdown Select?

I have a custom post type that includes a custom taxonomy, called client_name. There is a page that loads these custom post types and displays them. What I need to develop is a dropdown list that ...
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Loop through custom taxonomies and display posts

While I've been able to get this working for normal WP categories I've been unable to get it working for custom taxonomies. I'd like to loop through each custom taxonomy (categories in my case) and ...
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