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Since WordPress 2.3, plugin and theme authors have had the ability to create custom taxonomies-- essentially specialized "categories"-- to help organize information.

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Custom post types, taxonomies, and permalinks

This is driving me nuts and I'm sure it's simple but nothing I search for comes up with a simple structure (everything is very complex). I have a custom post type product_listing and a custom ...
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How to create a permalink structure with custom taxonomies and custom post types like base-name/parent-tax/child-tax/custom-post-type-name

I've been combing this site and google for the answer and I've come up completely empty. Basically I want to do exactly what this post asks, but I need a hierarchical taxonomy. The answer given in ...
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Using wp_query is it possible to orderby taxonomy?

My question is simple, I'm using WP_Query to retrieve some custom type posts filtering by a taxonomy using tax_query. Now my problem is I would like to orderby the taxonomy, but from documentation ...
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How to get all taxonomies of a post type?

How can i get taxonomies of a post type? If I have a post type event and i need to find out the list of taxonomies that are attached to that post type. How do I find them?
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How do I query a custom post type with a custom taxonomy?

I need to grab any posts using a custom taxonomy. $args = array( 'post_type' => 'adverts', 'advert_tag' => 'politics' // Doesn't seem to work. ); query_posts($args); while ( ...
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Permalinks: custom post type -> custom taxonomy -> post

I am having trouble working with WordPress rewrite rules, and could use some help. I have a custom post type called _shows_. All shows have a single custom taxonomy category _show-category_. A ...
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Show all terms of a custom taxonomy?

I made a few custom taxonomies and I need to show ALL the terms from it, what I achieved so far is showing the taxonomies that are selected/chosen in a custom post type but I need all of them to show, ...
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How to Add Tags to Custom Post Type?

I have a custom post type called portfolio and I'm trying to add the tags taxonomy to it, how do I do this?
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Get Posts Under Custom Taxonomy

I am not getting the posts under custom taxonomy(fabric_building_types). I am getting cat_id and cat->name also but not able to get the posts. $args = array( 'type' => '...
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Add category base to URL in custom post type/taxonomy

I am building an LMS type system in WordPress, controlled by Custom Post types. The post type is called Lessons (with a slug of courses) and it has one custom taxonomy (category) called courses. The ...
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Include custom taxonomy term in search

I have two custom taxonomies applied to two custom post types. the terms list on the sidebar just fine and will list all posts associated with it. However, if you search one of the terms in specific, ...
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What's the difference between term_id and term_taxonomy_id

The title says it all. At the moment in my custom taxonomies I'm getting the terms using the term id and taxonomy name. Thought this question would've been asked before but can't find it anywhere! So ...
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Custom Taxonomy specific to a Custom Post type

I want to create a custom taxonomy which behaves similar to the post type as a category behaves to a the default posts (on the grounds of /%category%/%postname%/ permalink structure) so that the posts ...
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List all posts in custom post type by taxonomy

Is there a way I can list all posts in a specific custom post type and arrange them by the custom taxonomy term attached to them? For example; Taxonmy Term #1 Post Type Post Type Post Type Taxonomy ...
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How to Add Custom Fields to a Custom Post Type?

Ok, so I have registered a few custom post types and a few taxonomies. Now, for the life of me, I cannot figure out the code I need to add a Custom Field to my Custom Post Type. I need a drop down ...
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"tax_query" parameter not working with WP_Query

I have a custom post type called 'episode'. Attached to 'episode' I have a custom taxonomy called 'video_type' that contains two terms: "bonus-footage" and "episode"; "episode" contains two child ...
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Mixing custom post type and taxonomy rewrite structures?

Basically I want to achieve a glossary using custom post types and have some issues setting up rewrites the way I want them to be. I want it like that: The main glossary URL:
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Advanced search form with filters for custom taxonomies and custom fields

I'd like to build an advanced search form for a specific custom post type, having filters for the custom post types custom fields, custom taxonomies, and for a separate custom post types properties (...
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How can I get only parent terms?

Is there any way to get only parent terms from custom taxonomy or category?
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Can multiple custom post types share a custom taxonomy?

I'm considering rebuilding a drupal site in wordpress and am still wrapping my head around the differences between the systems - particularly cck/fields and custom content types and the different ways ...
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How do I exclude a custom taxonomy from the post loop

Is there a simple or easy way to exclude all posts from a custom taxonomy in the loop? I've been looking high and low, and neither SE, SO or Google seem to have a straight answer. I know it can be ...
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get_posts assigned to a specific custom taxonomy term, and not the term's children

Say I have the following taxonomy terms: Term 1 Term 1.1 Term 1.2 Term 2 Term 2.1 How can I get only posts that are assigned to Term 1 and not include those that are assigned to Term 1.1 or ...
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9 answers

Remove taxonomy slug from a custom hierarchical taxonomy permalink

I created a 'forum' taxonomy, using these rules: register_taxonomy( 'forum', array('topic'), array( 'public' => true, 'name' => _a('Forums'), 'singular_name' => _a('Forum'),...
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Custom post type single-{custom}.php not working

I made a custom post type with the machine name special_media_post and wordpress is simply not seeing the single-special_media_post.php. I am at a complete lose. It keeps defaulting to the index.php ...
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How to modify a taxonomy that's already registered

Today I needed to change the arguments on a custom taxonomy that was already registered by a third party plugin. Specifically I wanted to set the show_admin_column argument to true and change the ...
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Remove Custom Taxonomy Metabox from Custom Post Type Screen

I have two hierarchical custom taxonomies, each on a corresponding custom post type. I would like to remove the metabox for each on the post type's edit screen. I have read remove custom taxonomy ...
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Display all posts in a custom post type, grouped by a custom taxonomy

I’m working on a member page where I use a custom post type with a custom taxonomy. My custom post type is called member and my custom taxonomy is called member_groups. I want to list all the members ...
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Retrieve posts by term id custom query

i want to retrieve custom posts using using custom query . my taxonomy is recipe_tx and terms (Beef) , (Chicken) etc in it . i have tried using SELECT p.* FROM wp_posts p, wp_term_taxonomy tt, ...
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get_terms - only top level

I am trying to get only top level term: $cat_args = array( 'parent ' => 0, 'number' => 10, 'hide_empty' => false, ); $categories = get_terms( '...
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Get terms by taxonomy AND post_type

I have 2 custom post types 'bookmarks' and 'snippets' and a shared taxonomy 'tag'. I can generate a list of all terms in the taxonomy with get_terms(), but I can't figure out how to limit the list to ...
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5 answers

get_the_term_list without links in 3.1

What function will display custom taxonomies associated with a post as text? I'm currently using get_the_term_list which works great for a singular page but not so much when using a taxonomy in the ...
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Inserting terms in an Hierarchical Taxonomy

I'm really having a few issues with inserting terms. Here is my scenario: I have a taxonomy called veda_release_type: //Release Type and Region $labels = array( 'name'=> _x('...
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Get Posts by Custom Post Type ,Taxonomy, and Term

Ok, so i have a Custom Post Type called "Services". This custom post type has a taxonomy called "Areas" and there's 5 terms in that taxonomy. Let's say I have 10 posts on "Services" and there's 5 ...
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Change order of Custom Taxonomy List

By default WordPress orders custom taxonomies (as tags in this case) by alphabetical order not by the order they were entered in the tag box. Is anyone aware of a way to show the custom taxonomies in ...
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Get the the top-level parent of a custom taxonomy term

How would I get the top-level parent of a given term? I am using wp_get_object_terms to get taxonomy terms on posts, but instead of showing all tagged terms, I only want to show tagged terms' top-...
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Theme localization of "slugs" (custom post types, taxonomies)

in my theme I want to define a series of custom post types and custom taxonomies, each one having its own customized slug; the base language of my theme is english, therefore the slugs will be in ...
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Rewriting a custom-post-type permalink with taxonomy term?

I'm trying to rewrite my url for a custom_post_type named wr_events with one of its custom_taxonomy terms from event_type add_action('init', 'wr_events'); function wr_events() { ...
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Saving Taxonomy Terms

I have an interesting problem which I hope someone can quickly answer. I have created my own metabox which, based on "MY METABOX CODE" (list below) is correctly displaying a dropdown list of all my ...'s user avatar
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3 answers

Custom Taxonomy as checkbox or dropdown

I have registered a custom tax to my CPT. On the edit screen the tax meta box appears with an autocomplete field. Is it possible to display it as checkboxes or dropdown instead?
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6 answers

Custom taxonomy terms not showing as list Gutenberg Editor

I have created a custom taxonomy that I have associated to my CPT. both appear on my dashboard, the issue is that when I add content and I want to choose a term from the list of the custom taxonomy, ...
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Get The Post Type A Taxonomy Is Attached To

Being given a taxonomy or term, is is possible to pull any / all post types the taxonomy is attached to? For example, knowing the built in taxonomy category or being given a term in the category ...
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Custom post types filtered by taxonomy using REST API v2

I have the following situation: I created a custom Post Type names Works. And also attached to it custom taxonomy named Work Types Here is the code function rk_work_post_type(){ $labels = array( ...
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Altering the appearance of custom taxonomy inputs

I'm working on a site that will make use of a few custom taxonomies (for custom post types). I've chosen to make some of the taxonomies hierarchical because the method of inputting values (checking ...
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How to only list the child terms of a taxonomy and not their parents?

I'm creating an age select menu in the admin, populated from a taxonomy of age. The taxonomy is hierarchical as follows: 18-25 (parent, ID 183) 18 (child) 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26-30 (parent, ID 184)...
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Getting custom taxonomy from custom post type

I have a custom post type called email_block and have a custom taxonomy called block_type. I need to loop through all the email blocks find out what custom taxonomy (block_type) they have. I know how ...
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Check if Current Category has Children

I need to tell whether or not the current custom taxonomy archive page I'm viewing has child categories. I've got a situation where there are a lot of custom categories with children and the site is ...
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Taxonomy: Why 'with_front' => false DOES NOT WORK?

Seriously, why 'with_front' => false does not work as it should be? It is supposed to remove TAXONOMY BASE NAME and my question is why it does not work? I just dont want the taxonamy base slug ...
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Get term SLUG by term ID

I have a hierarchical taxonomy called 'tarefa' I have to display all posts from a child taxonomy. I used get_term_children function function to verify if the taxonomy parent has children. If the ...
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Is ACF being a honey trap? [closed]

I am an enterprise full stack developer and started using ACF. At first I thought that ACF is a one stop solution for a web site but after researching more on taxonomy I am afraid that using it will ...
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Shouldn't this be easy?! Custom post type/custom taxonomy permalink

So this is driving me absolutely insane. I've spend days trying to fix this and I can't work out why this is so difficult as surely this is a very common permalink structure! I looked through ...
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