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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of HTML output, usually via Themes. When you have to use this tag, then there's a high chance that your question is off topic on this SE network site.

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Stop underlining image links

One my widget bar, I have an image which is hyperlinked. The problem is that CSS underlines it. How do I remove the underline? Update: Just noticed that this is what is causing the underline: } ....
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Adding first / last CSS classes to menus

is that possible, without javascript hacks? like this: <ul class="my_menu"> <li class="first"> ... </li> <li> ... </li> <li> ... </li> <li class"...
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How to limit image size for the entire website ? But without editing the post (css/plugin?!)

I have a post here: Where the image is overlapping the sidebar. I wish to shrink the image, but I want something that will do this without me editing the post (why? ...
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Generating CSS Files Dynamically Using PHP Scripts?

As part of my efforts to speed up my themes for my clients I am delivering my CSS via a dynamic PHP file. At the end of the called for example my_theme_css.php: This allows me to add Expiry headers ...
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How do I add CSS options to my plugin without using inline styles?

I recently released a plugin, WP Coda Slider, that uses shortcodes to add a jQuery slider to any post or page. I am adding an options page in the next version and I would like to include some CSS ...
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Theme deactived html and css styling on home page posts

I'm a designer trying to learn php, so I can't fully understand where the problem is coming from. That being said, I have a theme that has deactivated the use of css styling on the main page where ...
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Custom per-page sidebar widgets .. possible?

Let's say I'm doing a site about cars, and in the main content area of a Page (using a certain template), there are a few paragraphs about a particular car. In the sidebar, are several standard ...
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Setting up partial Right-to-Left admin interface

I am building a custom theme WordPress instance, which needs to be Arabic at the public face and English on Admin site, but with RTL (flush right) in editing fields. My theme takes care of the public ...
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Restricting a Plugin to Only Load its CSS and JS on Selected Pages?

I'd like to cause a plugin to restrict its loading of CSS stylesheets and JavaScript JS files to only those pages for which they are needed. An example for my question is the plugin Contact Form 7 ...
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Customizing a WordPress theme without changing it?

I have found and downloaded a theme. However I want to tweak the CSS some to change the design, colours etc. a bit. How should I go about doing this, while still being able to update the theme without ...
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How to start learning CSS and theme development?

What would be your suggestions for learning CSS and WordPress theme development ? I have been using WordPress for over 4 years now, but I have never really gotten comfortable with CSS or theme design ...
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How can I version the main CSS file?

How can I instruct wordpress to use a filename other than 'styles.css' for my main stylesheet - for example, styles-1.css? I'd like to do this for versioning and caching purposes.
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