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30 votes
10 answers

Contact Form on WordPress Sites?

How does one go about building a page in wordpress that contains a contact form full of custom fields, boxes, inputs, etc. completely determined by the author of the site. It seems odd that wordpress ...
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3 answers

Custom comment type maybe?

(First of all, sorry for bad english) If there are people here using wordpress as cms, you probably realize that you dont need comment system that much. Esspecially custom post types like products ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Visitors Contacting Authors

Is there any way that I can have a website user be able to contact a post author. The website user must not be required to be logged in to the website. I guess a form to email the post author might be ...
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3 answers

Sending form data via PHPMailer - How to action PHP script from a form

Some easy points on offer... I wish to action a PHP script from a WordPress page but where is the best place to store the script? The script works perfectly fine using a non-WordPress environment in ...
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1 answer

Contact Form 7 plugin refreshing page on submit [closed]

For those with experience of the Contact Form 7 plugin - When I installed it, the form worked fine, and upon pressing the submit button, there was no page load, all done via Ajax, however now the page ...
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2 answers

Wordpress Contact Form 7: populate the value of a field dynamically with PHP [closed]

Well my question is quite simple, I would like to populate a field with the value of a variable that have been passed via a $_GET Request. thanks
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1 vote
3 answers

Transferring contact form input to an email account without using an email-proxy

On a virtual private server machine (Ubuntu 16.04) which I self-host on DigitalOcean I use an all-default and latest Debian stable with all-default and latest Apache, MySQL and PHP to host my ...
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