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How to customize Wordpress twentytwelve_comment function

Is there any way to customize wordpress twentytwelve_comment function to change default comment author meta details.
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Showing Counts on Comment List with Custom Query

I have added a meta value to the comments-meta table that adds a custom 'status' type code (called 'redacted') to a comment. I have used the following code to display a link to display only those ...
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Use country flag as user avatar based on comments IP address?

trying to find the way to allocate a country flags instead using MisteryMan icon, Gravatar or User Avatar. Any help or suggestion about where to start?
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Top rated posts Average rating issue

I am trying to show top rated posts, cpt with AVG rating value.I created the custom widget for this. Defaults wp posts data and AVG value is showing correct but a CPT like Movie post not showing ...
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Adding Comment Meta to a new comment notification email

I am trying to include a rating comment meta value in the subject line of the email that notifies authors that someone has left a new comment (and, in my case, a rating) on their post. function ...
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Removing(replacing) avtar in comments.php with some other HTML arrangements

<ol class="comment-list"> <?php wp_list_comments( array( 'style' => 'ol', 'short_ping' => true, ...
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Display comment meta data after quick update

I have few custom comment field - phone, stored as comment meta. On comments edit page (edit-comments.php) I display this value in custom column. I also display these values on post edit page (post....
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Add commentmeta custom field to every published comment with SQL

I am trying to add custom commentmeta "likes" with 0 as default value to every posted comment. I have this query but I dont see any error there, but still it doesnt work. Can anyone help me to solve ...
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2 answers

Echo out custom fields in comments

I am trying to figure out how to echo 4 created fields from a plugin in my theme template for the comment form and customize the comments output as well. The plugin I am using lets me add custom ...
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Add comment meta

I need to add my custom meta to the new comments. Here is what I've done : /************************************************************************/ /* Add meta to comments /***********************...
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Retrieve meta_value from add_comment_meta

I have a voting function for comments which needs to display the avatars of the users who voted for a specific comment. I am having trouble getting the user id of the voter ($supporter). All I seem to ...
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Comment-Meta doesn't work with latest wordpress update

I already had this script working, but since the last update of the wordpress core it doesn't save the comment-meta anymore. /** * Comments Winner */ // Add new heading to comments tables ...
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