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How to customize Wordpress twentytwelve_comment function

Is there any way to customize wordpress twentytwelve_comment function to change default comment author meta details.
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Best method for comment section associated with different images?

I would like to create a site where users can upload images and then all users can make comments associated with this image. Because users can upload multiple images I cannot make a new wordpress page ...
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Add functionality to block comment authors in the Comment edit pag

I want to add an additional button to the Comments edit admin page, allowing me to ban the ips or emails in one click. After clicking the button, it should probably lead me to the Comment Moderation ...
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How to update_comment_meta from checkbox in comments_custom_column?

I've added a custom column to the edit-comments.php page called "Tips". This column includes a checkbox. My question is when you click on the checkbox, how do you trigger the "...
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Showing Counts on Comment List with Custom Query

I have added a meta value to the comments-meta table that adds a custom 'status' type code (called 'redacted') to a comment. I have used the following code to display a link to display only those ...
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Use country flag as user avatar based on comments IP address?

trying to find the way to allocate a country flags instead using MisteryMan icon, Gravatar or User Avatar. Any help or suggestion about where to start?
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Top rated posts Average rating issue

I am trying to show top rated posts, cpt with AVG rating value.I created the custom widget for this. Defaults wp posts data and AVG value is showing correct but a CPT like Movie post not showing ...
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Adding Comment Meta to a new comment notification email

I am trying to include a rating comment meta value in the subject line of the email that notifies authors that someone has left a new comment (and, in my case, a rating) on their post. function ...
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Removing(replacing) avtar in comments.php with some other HTML arrangements

<ol class="comment-list"> <?php wp_list_comments( array( 'style' => 'ol', 'short_ping' => true, ...
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Display comment meta data after quick update

I have few custom comment field - phone, stored as comment meta. On comments edit page (edit-comments.php) I display this value in custom column. I also display these values on post edit page (post....
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Add commentmeta custom field to every published comment with SQL

I am trying to add custom commentmeta "likes" with 0 as default value to every posted comment. I have this query but I dont see any error there, but still it doesnt work. Can anyone help me to solve ...
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Echo out custom fields in comments

I am trying to figure out how to echo 4 created fields from a plugin in my theme template for the comment form and customize the comments output as well. The plugin I am using lets me add custom ...
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Add comment meta

I need to add my custom meta to the new comments. Here is what I've done : /************************************************************************/ /* Add meta to comments /***********************...
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Retrieve meta_value from add_comment_meta

I have a voting function for comments which needs to display the avatars of the users who voted for a specific comment. I am having trouble getting the user id of the voter ($supporter). All I seem to ...
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Comment-Meta doesn't work with latest wordpress update

I already had this script working, but since the last update of the wordpress core it doesn't save the comment-meta anymore. /** * Comments Winner */ // Add new heading to comments tables ...
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