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Is there a way to batch-find unlinked text URLs in the body text of all my posts and link them?

Context: I used a plugin (WP All Import) to import Excel rows into WordPress posts, but some cells have multiple URLs. Since Excel only supports one hyperlink per cell, I have a bunch of plain text ...
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Redirection - bulk edit 404s to new tomain

Please help. I moved all (1500) posts from one category to a new domain. now I have a lot of 404 errors for posts and images. Trying to use Redirection, so I'm on the 404 page, bulk edit select all ...
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How to remove the author field from bulk/quick edit form?

The goal here is to be able to use add_post_type_support('product','author'); or any other post_type without adding the author field in bulk/quick edit form. How to remove the author field from bulk/...
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How to bulk edit taxonomies for attachments

I am looking for a way to bulk edit taxonomies for the attachment post type (basically, for images). I needed to categorize a large Media Library, therefore I added a custom taxonomy by using "...
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