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Book recommendations are off topic here now. See the FAQ.

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Google Books Lookup & Auto FIll

I need to create a Google Books lookup from my current form & Autofill book details in the same form. What i am developing is a Website where customers can sell their books listing on the site. ...
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Import MS-Access data file to make the searchable page

I have an MS-access data file the contains the Books detail (used in my library). I want to import this data file to Wordpress page in such a way that user can sear the books with reference such as ...'s user avatar
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Setup database structure with books, authors, languages etc. for publishing house [closed]

It was kind of hard to find a good title for my question. What I'm trying to do is setting up a homepage for a publishing company. The website should contain all of the companies books with ...
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Change header on pages displaying taxonomy items

I've added a custom taxonomy called "materia" in my single product page. For instance: When you click on one of the items ...
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Taxonomy linked to pages

In my product pages I've added many custom taxonomies. One of these is the taxonomy called "colecciones". As you can see for instance in this URL:
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Book plugin to record books read and write my own reviews [closed]

I trying to find a plugin where-by I can keep an inventory of all the books I have read (I currently record them in a paper dairy) and also write little reviews for them. I've seen a few plugins but ...
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A good Wordpress theme development book recommendation [closed]

I am looking for a good recommendation for a wordpress theme development book. i have some experience building themes, but I want to learn more, and have trouble reading or understanding the codex ...
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7 votes
6 answers

Which WordPress books should I recommend to a beginning web designer?

I have a friend who has a background in graphic design. She has taken a particular interest to web design. I am a software developer/system administrator, not a web developer, and I'm certainly not a ...
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Bookshelf plugin and/or widget [closed]

I'm looking for some kind of plugin and/or widget to display a list of book covers in the sidebar. Are there any good options out there?
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9 answers

Definitive list of WordPress books [closed]

I've been thinking about what other large community wiki post site can benefit from. Questions about books come up all the time and I think it will be beneficial to have one large list to consolidate ...
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4 answers

WordPress book for graphic designers?

Is there a good WordPress book intended for graphic designers? I've started working with a friend in an arrangement where he designs a site and I build it in WordPress. This works great since I have ...
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Advanced theme training?

I've read a few books on building WP themes and I certainly understand the basics. I would like to know read up on advanced topics like hooks, wp_rewrite and how functions.php should be structured. ...
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3 answers

Recommended Books on WordPress for Management and non-Developers?

I've had a few non-technical clients have a tough time with WordPress' admin UI. One of them asked me today if there were any books that could help someone like him - someone who is only concerned ...
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3 answers

Is there a way I can write a series in WordPress?

What I mean by series is like writing a book. A reader should be able to click on the book and then proceed to read the chapters. I can probably mimic it by creating a page and then linking it to a ...
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Recommendations for an In-Depth WordPress Book? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Definitive list of WordPress books I've been plugging away with WordPress for some years now. In that time, I've never really taken time to fully understand the platform. It ...