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Problem: Create a cron job to export posts to a WordPress XML file on server

I need a way to automatically export all WordPress posts from a specific date and have it output the file on the server that can be downloaded daily. The reason the XML format is needed is because ...
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Backup the Database and Restore from the Backup?

I am using WordPress 3 and would like to backup the database to my computer (a Mac). My webhost is using PHP safe mode, so that sometimes limits what plugins I can use. What is a good way to do a ...
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What is the best WordPress plugin for Amazon s3 backups? [closed]

I tried Automatic WordPress Backup and WordPressWPup on my Dreamhost server and both of them failed to backup blog content to Amazon s3. Is there any other free plugin to backup an entire blog to ...
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Faulty restore of the database, encoding issue

I messed up the settings with W3 Total Cache (tried to import all the media to my library, didn't work out well, broke all my links to every picture). So I took my latest backup of the database, copy/...
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Does Wordpress Import/Export tool actually exports media (images) as well?

I need to reinstall WP from scratch due to malware. Can reliably use the built-in Import/Export tool (Tools > Import/Export)? It appears it only gives me an XML file. What can I do to ensure all ...
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How to migrate wordpress users from one blog to another

I have a client that has a single install outside of her network installation. I need to migrate the users with their passwords into the network installation. I've tried backupbuddy but it seems to ...
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Copy site from one multisite to another

I have a live multisite and a development version of the live multisite. The top level sites are different, but all the other sites are (or more accurately, will be) the same. I need to export one of ...
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How to clone and locally run a network for testing

I have a live network installed on a remote web server. I am about to start writing some plugins for it but want to test that they behave before disrupting a live site. I was thinking that I would ...
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How to Add Back Buttons to Web Pages [closed]

I would like to add "back buttons" to every page in my Wordpress site..and I'd like it to appear at the top of each page. How do I code that and where is it placed on the page code? thank you, Lori
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