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Alternative PHP Cache - a free and open framework that caches the output of the PHP bytecode compiler in shared memory, thus reducing parsing and disk I/O overhead for later requests; and a shared memory cache for user data.

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Running code before object-cache.php runs

I want to polyfill some functions before object-cache.php runs. I have PHP7 and APCu installed. However, W3 Total Cache is using apc_* functions, not apcu_* functions. W3 Total Cache's object cache ...
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Wordpress performance - W3 Total Cache and memcached/APCu

I have freshly installed Wordpress, Nginx with PHP-FPM, W3 Total Cache (plugin), memcached and APCu on PHP 5.5. I will run a benchmark on my local mac against the aforementioned AWS server using ...
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Caching: APC vs APCu vs OPcache

I'm a bit confused and I'd like to know the difference between the APC, APCu, and OPcache. I'm using: WHM VPS Apache 2.4 PHP 5.5 Fastcgi Processor 6 vCores RAM 8 Gio
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Updating WordPress or plugins causes site issues (due to API, I think)

I have a problem with all of the sites I host on my server. Whenever someone updates WordPress of plugins, I manually have to restart Apache to get things to work properly. Should the update process ...
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How to enable Zend Optimiser+ with Batcache

I am using Batcache with APC Object Cache Backend so far. A lot of posts on internet claiming that using Zend Optimizer instead of APC would reduce CPU and memory usage. I could enable Zend ...
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How to find out if an wp-admin action edited a file?

I want to create a small plugin to automatically purge the APC opcode cache after specific actions in the Wordpress admin interface. This is necessary if e.g. apc.stat is set to 0, as a change to a ...
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Speed up MU Wordpress on Apache VPS?

I have a wordpress multisite 3.6 with 1 main site and 5 subdomains(with mapping domains) I am tried to make it faster, i install the W3 Total Cache plugin i add on my apache the APC 3.1.13 yum install ...
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Page downloads as file in Chrome

I'm looking to see if I could get pointers in where to look to solve this issue. Issue In Chrome, viewing the blog in Chrome v21, the page downloads as a ...
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After having installed APC Object Cache Backend transients stopped working

My understanding is that once you enable the persistent object cache, your transients are no longer stored in wp_options but in the cache. Once I installed Mark Jaquith's APC Object Cache Backend, ...
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APC fragmention woes on Apache AWS EC2 Small instance with WordPress and W3TC [closed]

Asked this question at serverfault, and got confirmation that W3TC is most likely causing the issue, but several of my more W3TC/Wordpress specific issues weren't able to be answered. Reposting here ...