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Questions tagged [admin]

Users with the ability to perform administrative tasks for a site or a network of sites.

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Is there any way to modify images from a theme using the web interface?

Is there any way to modify images from a theme using the Wordpress web interface?
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How to customize this automatic slug shortener with an overrwrite function

I am using a slick little piece of code which I have included within my functions file which automatically takes any information entered into the title of a new post and create a slug with specific ...'s user avatar
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Admin config screen without menu

I want to create a sub config from some page on admin panel, eg: I've set config menu this way: add_menu_page( 'E+', 'CRE+', 8, 'cr_e_plus_user_config', 'cr_e_plus_user_config'); add_submenu_page( '...
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Home page is redirecting to another page - no obvious reason

I added a page to my site, and suddenly the home page seems to be redirecting to that page (that is, if you go to, which should bring you to the home page, you are redirected to ...
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How would I add a link to the profile editing page of the dashboard?

Our passwords are handled by an external LDAP server and the plugin we're using to therefore removes all references to the ability to change passwords. What I'd like to do then, is add a link to the ...
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Best collection of code for your 'functions.php' file [closed]

As with many others who are now viewing this post, I have been reading various blogs, forums, and discussion groups to learn and improve my WordPress skills. Over the past 12 months I have been on a ...
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use add_settings_field properly?

I'm using add_settings_field to add some more details to a settings menu, but not sure how I save the settings, or call them back in my theme. Here is the code thus far add_action('admin_init','...
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Creating a table in the admin-style?

What is the recommended way of creating a page with a table, in the style of the tables showing posts or users in the admin area? I am expanding the Cache Images plugin, and it contains a table with ...
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Organizing Code in your WordPress Theme's functions.php File?

The more customization I make to WordPress the more I start thinking about if I should be organizing this file or splitting it up. More specifically, if I have a bunch of custom functions which only ...'s user avatar
3 votes
2 answers

Renaming Menu Item within Admin Menu Section for a Custom Post Type?

I have a feeling this is a bug. When you create a new custom post type it does not seem possible to modify the first submenu item text. I am referring to the link which allows you to view the post ...'s user avatar
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5 answers

Adding Custom Field to Taxonomy Input :Panel

I am looking to achieve something which I figured would be fairly simple to accomplish but it seems there are no real examples available to achieve my needs. Essentially I have a custom post type of "...'s user avatar
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How can I display/hide certain content based on a Theme Option field?

I'm building a Theme Options page for my theme, and I've managed to get most of it working fine. But now I'm trying to show and hide certain parts in my theme based on a simple check box. An example: ...
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32 votes
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Changing the Order of Admin Menu Sections?

I am getting a bit frustrated over here after having spent a few hours trying to accomplish this fairly simple task without any luck. Essentially I have 5 custom post types which I created and all I ...
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Loading External Scripts in Admin but ONLY for a Specific Post Type?

So I continue to run into this issue and I just looking for the best and simplest solution to solve this problem. I have come to make use of custom post types in many different projects and have ...'s user avatar
21 votes
3 answers

Adding an Arbitrary Link to the Admin Menu?

Is there a way to add a arbitrary hyperlink to the WordPress admin menu (I mean the menu on the left when you log into the admin dashboard)? For example, can one add a link to Google? In my ...
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Multi site clarification

I've done some reading about multisite over at and looking to see if I'm understanding correctly. My current blog domain is somewhat locale restricted by name. However, much of my ...
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How do I create my own admin button and theme settings page?

I have some options I want my client to be able to change, and so I need an options page for my theme that I can show for those with "editor" status. How can I do this and utilise the options in my ...
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