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Questions tagged [admin-css]

WordPress' flexible nature allows for almost every part of it to be easily changed. Creating a custom WordPress Admin Panel Theme is no different. There are essentially two ways of making a WordPress Admin theme: with a Plugin or by simply changing the CSS.

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9 answers

No CSS being loaded on backend

I have a WordPress installation on AWS and I was facing an issue that authors are not able to submit content like media in one go and a time-out error occurs. After refreshing the page 5-6 times ...
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1 answer

wordpress wp-admin css not loading

previously its have SSL now don't have SSl my word press admin dashboard css not loading but home page and other page are working perfect any one know how to fix this? no ssl its just http ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Adjust the Device Preview sizes used in the WP 4.5 Customizer

WP 4.5 introduced the Device Preview in the Customizer and it's pretty easy to use. Click one of three icons and see your site at various (predetermined) sizes. The desktop version will always fill ...
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What exact CSS minifier does WP core use?

WordPress core ships css files in both source and minified form. E.g. wp-includes/css/admin-bar.css and wp-includes/css/admin-bar.min.css. Does anyone know exactly what tool they use to do the ...
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Is it possible to be more page/post specific with admin_enqueue_script?

I am using this code to load a stylesheet in the admin, but only on post.php related pages: function my_enqueue_for_post_pages_only($hook) { if( 'post.php' != $hook ) return; ...
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Simple/basic use of get_current_screen

I would like to load a stylesheet on only 3 admin pages: post.php?post=7&action=edit post.php?post=10&action=edit post.php?post=18&action=edit I was trying with admin_enqueue_script but ...
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