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How to remove a filter that is an object method?

In my functions.php file I would like to remove the below filter, but I'm not sure how to do it since it's in a class. What should remove_filter() look like? add_filter('comments_array',array( $this, '...
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Page returns 404 with POST variables, but not without

I have a problem with my page. I'm trying to make a "Contact Us" page. It's working perfectly fine design-wise. But when I try to send the form to the same page as origin. It returns 404 error. It ...
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Difference between do_action and add_action

This question might be wrong, I am not sure about it. Because I am not clear on this. I know add_action it is used to to hook our function to the specified function. For example add_action('wp_head'.'...
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Does the functions.php file ever get called during an AJAX call? Debug AJAX

Trying to figure out an issue a fellow programmer is having. I was wondering if the functions.php file get called at all when you do admin side AJAX? I know that when you do an AJAX call a part of ...
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How many filter/action hooks are healthy?

Making my plugin extensible is the next way to solve most people's problems. And I know I can place plenty of filter and action hooks here and there to make things more dynamic. But to me, it's too ...
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Using filters and actions for plugin API?

I want to integrate a public API to a plugin that I develop. The usual way other plugins integrate APIs is to define some functions that can be called by any theme or plugin. However, I think this ...
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Plugin SVN & update API - how are plugins identified?

One thing that's never been clear to me (especially since I haven't submitted a plugin to the repository) is how a plugin's unique "ID" (slug) is generated (i.e. this list). Is it a choice by the ...
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Removing meta boxes: remove-meta_box() or unset()?

I've seen two ways to remove meta boxes: remove_meta_box() and unset(). function TEST_remove_dashboard_widgets(){ remove_meta_box( 'dashboard_recent_comments', 'dashboard', 'normal' ); } ...
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Using a front controller in a Wordpress plugin, any suggestions?

My idea was to use a front controller in our plugin. has anyone done that already? The responsibilities of the controller should be initiate router class; provide access to objects registry, which ...
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Update a Plugin while maintaining back compatibility: general

How can I make updates a public plugin of mine without breaking the plugin for all existing users. Firstly, I'd like to change the main plugin's class/namespace, because I'd like it to be similar ...
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How to create extendable wordpress plugins

I have a generic question that I would like to ask. How do we go about creating an extendable wordpress plugin. I would like to create a plugin that I can easily allow new extensions to be hooked up ...
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Making a class available via actions filters

I'm creating a plugin which displays a tabbed view. The way it currently works is when the user clicks a tab class Loader reads the $_GET parameter and creates an instance of the class specific to ...
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