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Adding categories to custom post type in permalink

I know people have asked this before and have gone as far as adding the custom post type, and rewrite for permalink. The problem is I have 340 existing categories which I would like to continue ...
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How to change permalink structure for custom post type and it's taxonomies?

This is a repost of an earlier question I had, but I like to go into more details now to be able to fully solve this. So again, with (normal) posts changing the permalink is as easy as going to ...
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Add the .html extension to custom post types

I already have found a working solution for my question, but the problem is that it neutralizes another function that adds the category base into the custom post type permalinks, and I need boths, so ...
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Add term slug in URL of custom post type details page

I have created a custom post type called "movies" and I have added custom taxonomy "Available for " and it contains two terms Rent sales. Current movie post details page URL movies/avengers-endgame/...
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Permalink for CPT with taxonomy

[Edited] I changed the purpose of my site into an language learning site. Now the CPT is setup as following: { Language } - { Subject } English speaking (slug: english-speaking ) English writing (...
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Custom Post Type Permalink

I need help with structuring permalink for the custom post type that I made. I think I tried all the answers here. I'm hoping somebody can help me. More Info The custom post is looks like this in ...
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Category base to url in custom post type/taxonomy

I'm building a recipe site that uses custom post types for recipes. So I searched for including the custom post type categories in the url and found a solution below by Milo. It rewrites the url and ...
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Permalinks: custom post type -> custom taxonomy -> custom sub taxonomy -> post

I am building a custom post type and its respective custom taxonomy. Here is the code: add_action( 'init', 'register_my_types' ); function register_my_types() { register_post_type( 'help', ...
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Taxonomy rewrite question

I have custom post types for dining, lodging, and activities. Each of those custom post types uses a custom taxonomy called region. If, for example, I have a region called "downtown", I would like to ...
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Remove custom post slug and add category to custom post type

I am registering a custom post type through this function in a plugin. There is a problem that the end url of this post type has a slug. I want to remove that slug and replace it with the category of ...
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404 - Taxonomy Archive Page

I am creating a Wordpress Custom Post Type including a taxonomy, after installing, all permalinks where flushed, however the taxonomy archive page is constantly giving me 404. The CPT archive page ...
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Customize Custom Post Type URL

Actually I needs to change the structure of my urls for the custom post type ( I also want to customise taxonomy url but only targeting post for this question to avoid confusion) My custom post type ...
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Creating custom post type relationships

I want to create a custom post type relationships between two fields called 'Work' and 'Director' using Metabox. I have already created the CPTs. This is an example of a permalink for 'Work' -> www....
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How can I assign multiple parents to CPT?

I have created cpt called product-1, this product qualifies for 2 categories "paints" and "coatings", however I can only select 1 parent for the post. What would be the best way to ...
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Prepending %category% onto default posts fails

I have been attempting to change the rewrite slug on the default posts. This is my post_type re-registering code (Taken from another post on StackOverflow) with the simple intent of changing the ...
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