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How to use same email for multiple users? [duplicate]

This is a newbie follow-up question on the solution for how to use the same email address for multiple users presented here: How to use same email for multiple users My question: where do I add ...
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Where to put my code: plugin or functions.php?

Is there an easy to understand scheme to decide what kind of code belongs to a plugin or the theme’s functions.php? There are many cases and many debates about that topic, mostly because there are ...
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Stop WordPress automatically adding <br> tags to post content

Is there a way to stop WordPress from automatically inserting <br> tags when adding returns in the WordPress text editor. I would like for it to behave more like a code editor where I can ...
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How To Add Custom Form Fields To The User Profile Page?

The user profile page has the following fields: Username First Name Last Name Nickname Display name Contact Info E-mail Website AIM Yahoo IM Jabber / Google Talk How can more fields be added to ...
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How to update page status from publish to draft and draft to publish

I am trying to figure out how to write the code that will allow me to do the following with pages of a WordPress blog. I need to have something where I specify which page ID's I want to list (about ...
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How to search for (partial match) display names of WordPress users?

I need to create a search page that will display anything related to the supplied search. i.e. comments containing it, events, posts, CPTs and users with that name. How can I search for users in the ...
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WooCommerce: List All Categories

I'm using the WooCommerce plugin with WordPress and within my theme I'd like to list all categories within a navigation menu with PHP. I've tried using woocommerce_product_categories(); but I don't ...
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Marking future dated post as published

Use case: I have a post type that relates to a music show. The 'show time' is grabbed through the post publish date which is set to some time in the future. I've found a function that takes future ...
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Changing WooCommerce Display Price Based on User Role & Category [closed]

In wordpress with WooCommerce, I'm looking to display a different price based on a user role (wholesaler, dealer, etc) AND based on the category. There's a dynamic pricing plugin that displays these ...
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Make thumbnails in woocommerce replace the main image instead of opening fancybox

I would like the thumbnails underneath the main image on the single product page to replace the main image when they are either clicked or on hover, I prefer hover. Right now the thumbnails just open ...
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Make future posts visible to the public—not just within WP_Query

I know I can publicly show future posts in a loop using 'post_status' => 'future' in WP_Query. But clicking on a future post's permalink will result in a 404 if you are not a logged-in user. ...
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How to show a under construction page for a domain but still be able to work on index.php?

I installed a WordPress for a domain name. When I use this domain name will point to index.php in my template. I want show a under construction page for this domain name, but the other hand I still ...
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All-in-One Event Calendar: Custom Query - Getting each event Instance [closed]

I am using the All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely, and I would like to display upcoming events from the events calendar in a carousel on a separate page, and I need to get the event information. I ...
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How to force Wordpress to temporarily switch locale (using qTranslate)? [closed]

I have a multi-language store running WooCommerce and qTranslate, and am trying to setup multi-language customer emails. The problem is, the "order complete" email gets sent from the admin backend, ...
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One Child Functions.php for Multiple Child Themes

I have a wordpress setup that I use for clients with around 30 or so child themes that they can choose from. Each child theme has it's own functions.php file currently. Is it possible to setup just ...
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