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Uninstall, Activate, Deactivate a plugin: typical features & how-to

I'm making a WordPress plugin. What are typical things I should include in the uninstall feature? For example, should I delete any tables I created in the install function? Do I clean up my option ...
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What Plugins Demonstrate Great WP Plugin Development? [closed]

I'm going to be tackling my first plugin soon and I'm looking for plugins which you feel are of very high quality, under the hood. Stuff I can use as an example while I design the framework for my ...
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Is there any plugin development framework

Since I am new to WordPress plugin development I have been examining the internal structure of many plugins. I have found that most of them don't fit any pattern and so understanding how they work can ...
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Unit testing for plugin development

I need to apply unit testing for one of my plugins. I recently re designed it into classes, so unit testing should be easier to apply now. What are some effective strategies to unit test my plugin? I ...
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Am I allowed to license my Wordpress theme under the aGPL

I was interested in the recent conversation about whether WordPress themes need to be licenced under the GPL or whether they can be closed source. The video can be reached from matts blog and my ...
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Hooking in to plugins

I'm working on a plugin that would ideally be able to do things when a user does something through a different plugin. I can add custom hooks in those plugins but obviously this wouldn't work well ...
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Creating two database tables via plugin

I'm working on a voting plugin for my site and I want to create 2 tables: one that stores votes and another that stores voter ips. In Codex it suggests to use an if statement to see if the table has ...
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Override plugin with functions.php

add_action('wp_head','add_gpp_gallery'); function add_gpp_gallery() { if( ( is_single() || is_page() ) && ( !is_page_template('page-blog.php') ) ){ remove_shortcode('gallery', '...
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Sample code for validating custom metabox?

I've found very little on this site or in Google searches for examples of validating metabox custom fields. If anyone wants to give examples, here are some cases that would be useful 1) Date entered ...
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Tutorials for Unit-Testing in WordPress and for

I'm starting to learn Selenium and PHPUnit and I am interested in implementing what I've learned in my WordPress projects. I've seen and wonder if there are any ...
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GPL and plugins

The Plugin developer center says "Your plugin must be GPLv2 Compatible.". But I found that the Topsy plugin is under GPLv3. states that GPLv2 and GPLv3 ...
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WordPress Plugin Development from Scratch. How? [closed]

I would like to learn how to create a plugin from scratch, there are tons of tutorials out there on the internet, but they are either premium or not a reliable resource. would like to know which are ...
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How to use WP_Error $data argument?

The Call $error = new WP_Error( $code, $message, $data ); The Output Say I added three messages (msg A, msg B, msg C) to the code my_code and with the last message I added "Data" as $data, which ...
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When does remove_filter not work?

There are reports that remove_filter does not work under some circumstances, and that we should provide alternatives. However, the article does not really make it clear under which circumstances this ...
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URLs of plugin resources?

I am trying to add in a script and css file for my plugin into the admin header. Is there a function similar to get_bloginfo('url') that I could use to reference the files correctly without having to ...
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