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Best and Cleanest way to remove /category/ from category permalinks? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Remove parent category from permalink? Basically only have the child category? We've seen plugins to do this, and a lot of people with different code modifications. We ...
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Changing the category permalink structure

Hopefully another simple one, I have some nested categories, like this: - category-a - category-b -category-c The permalink for category-c is as follows: http://<domain>/category/...
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Filtering categories in the permalink structure

Using /%category%/%postname%/ for the permalink I get a URL string of all the categories that the specific post is included in. I would like the categories in the url to be filtered down to only one ...
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How to display only the parent category in the permalink

How it is possible to display only the parent category of the post. It contains two sub categories and I want to eliminate it. Example: This is only what I want.
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Remove category from url

I want to remove /category/ base from the permalinks. I tried the solution
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Does a parent page's post_title have to appear in a child page permalink?

If I have a page called Home and then a child page with Home as the parent, is there a way to avoid 'home' appearing in the permalink for the child page? I've noticed this with a one-page scrolling ...
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Remove parent category from child/sub-category page URL in Wordpress

I want to remove the parent category from sub-category page URL. (actually I need it only for a specific parent-category) f.e, convert the URL of all sub-categories pages under this parent-category, ...
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Create monthly archive for parent category

Part of the website I'm working on is meant to function like a monthly magazine, with a few different departments. So I have 'Magazine' set as the parent category, and say 'Art' and 'Music' as child ...
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Get full control over custom post type url

The situation I have a custom post type, lets call it 'CP', which has two parent categories named 'companies' and 'category'. Posts of type CP can only have one company and multiple categories. So, ...
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How To Remove Parent Category from Child Category URL?

Are there no easy way to ensure that the permalinks only have the lowest child-category listed? Do I really need to install a plugin for this or make custom code? I already use RankMath to strip the ...
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