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remove_action not working, even after changing priority [duplicate]

So one of the functions in my theme is: public function job_manager_job_filters_distance() { //Show some HTML } And somewhere else in the document lies: add_action( '...
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Migrating Markdown (from Drupal)

I'm in the process of migrating my blog from Drupal to Wordpress. I have made liberal use of Markdown in the original posts (and Geshi syntax highlighting). In see that the WP-Markdown plugin ...
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Registering and using actions which return results in a Plugin class

I have a plugin class which contains a function spektrix_list_events() class SpektrixPlugin { public function __construct(){ add_action( 'init', array ( $this, 'init' )); } ...
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Using has_filter with a class based plugin to check whether the plugin is active or not

Usually I use this method to test whether a plugin is active (usually my own). This would be in the plugin I'm checking for: function my_plugin_setup() { // setup code here } add_action( '...
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Update a Plugin while maintaining back compatibility: general

How can I make updates a public plugin of mine without breaking the plugin for all existing users. Firstly, I'd like to change the main plugin's class/namespace, because I'd like it to be similar ...
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How To Remove The Filter That Adds JetPack Related Content To Dom [closed]

I am trying to remove the filter in JetPack's Related Posts module that adds the element to the DOM that the module's JavaScript populates with the related posts. Once I remove it, I can achieve my ...
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Stop parsing shortcodes

I'd like to stop parsing shortcodes in the_content but I'm struggling to find what the correct filter would be. This didn't work: remove_filter( 'the_content', 'do_shortcode', 40 ); remove_filter( '...
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Removing a Filter

I'm using 'Simply Show Hooks' plugin to spot various filters on a page. I'm trying to remove the following filter's function (method): UM_User_posts–>add_tab Here's my remove_filter code so far: ...
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Remove action added from class

This has been asked before and I know how to do this but im having trouble removing a specific action added by the easy columns plugin. The action is added similar to below: class EasyColumns { ...
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