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Customizing URL slugs of Custom Post Type and Taxonomy make posts/pages 404

This problem has been for bugging me for days and I feel that I am close! Creating a review website, I have custom post type called review, organized in a custom hierarchical taxonomy niche. Put ...
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Making permalink for custom post type/custom taxonomy. Stuck with 404 in the single post

I have looked around noth in StackOverflow and WP.SE. Like many before me, I just want this structure Or, in other words,
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Custom post type permalink structure with the category also acting as an archive

I've looked around quite a bit and haven't found anything exactly what I am looking for, so I figured I'd post here. This post and answer is very very close, but I'm having trouble adapting it to what ...
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Organising custom taxonomies and custom post types

I'm really struggling to organise a site that will hold quite a lot of content. This example is reduced, but contains the crux of my problem. The site features several clubs. Games club Juggling ...
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CPT url rewriting : regular posts return 404 error

I have a WP website where a created a CPT named product, which has several custom fields, including a category field. This "category" is a custom taxonomy that can take several values, let's say : ...
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Add %taxonomy% in custom permalink structure

By default WordPress supports %category% tag in custom permalink structure. I need to use %taxonomy in the structure. How to do that? Is there any filter available?
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How to change custom post type pemalink Hierarcy

When we set permalink as Post name and go to wordpress any default post Like "Testing 123" single page its link looks like this localhost/foo_articles/testing-123 Now i when we change our permalink ...
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taxonomy/category term in URL slug irrelevant for post?

so I've got a nice hierarchical system working involving custom post types and taxonomies. (see Custom post types, taxonomies, and permalinks for reference) So if I have a post with
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Custom Post Type View Button in Admin Gives 400 Error

I have a custom post type, Project: /******************************* Projects Custom Post Type *******************************/ add_action( 'init', 'register_cpt_project' ); function ...
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Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy Permalinks

I'm currently working with a client's Wordpress blog that has a permalink structure set in the admin settings as "/speaks/%postname%/". This is so that all actual blog posts (post_type=>posts) have ...
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Custom Permalinks for Custom Taxonomies/Post Types -> Top Level Pages not working [duplicate]

I have created a custom post type called "artists". These are categorized by the custom taxonomy "style". I do have this: ./photography/edward-example (single page with details) ./...
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Taxonomies in URL

I have a custom post type and two custom taxonomies associated with it. One is locations and the other is activities. How can I form the permalinks in the following format?
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Custom Taxonomies: Multiple Hierarchical Permailnks For A Single Post + Prev/Next Links

Problem (Example): I have one custom taxonomy called "portfolios". It is tied to a custom post type called "portfolio". I create a portfolios term called Animals and another called Pets. Then I create ...
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Display results from two Custom Post Types in page template

What I have is Created a new page with slug monuments Created a template file at my theme's folder that will show all records with post_type monument. [UPDATE] 3.I forgot to mention that each custom ...
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Custom Post Type - Rewrite slug [duplicate]

I have a custom post type (products) that I would like to change the slug for. I have a main product page that shows all product categories. After clicking on the category, it shows all products in ...
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