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I have a custom post type (products) that I would like to change the slug for. I have a main product page that shows all product categories. After clicking on the category, it shows all products in ...
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Change Permalink Structure for Custom Taxonomy [duplicate]

I have a custom taxonomy called colors, which contains the terms Red, Blue, Yellow etc. Each post has a term of the taxonomy colors linked to it. The default permalink structure for posts is /%...
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Custom Permalinks for Custom Taxonomies/Post Types -> Top Level Pages not working [duplicate]

I have created a custom post type called "artists". These are categorized by the custom taxonomy "style". I do have this: ./photography/edward-example (single page with details) ./...
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How to create a permalink structure with custom taxonomies and custom post types like base-name/parent-tax/child-tax/custom-post-type-name

I've been combing this site and google for the answer and I've come up completely empty. Basically I want to do exactly what this post asks, but I need a hierarchical taxonomy. The answer given in ...
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How to modify URL structures in custom post types and taxonomies or terms

I am well aware that there are several posts covering the topic of customizing the permalink URL structure of custom post types, custom taxonomies, and taxonomy terms. However, none of them are real ...
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Shouldn't this be easy?! Custom post type/custom taxonomy permalink

So this is driving me absolutely insane. I've spend days trying to fix this and I can't work out why this is so difficult as surely this is a very common permalink structure! I looked through ...
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Taxonomy, Terms, and Template Files

I have post type 'product' and hierarchical taxonomy 'types' attached to it. In this taxonomy, I have terms: 'dry-clean', 'washer', etc. With several sub terms on each terms. In my situation, I need ...
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Add %taxonomy% in custom permalink structure

By default WordPress supports %category% tag in custom permalink structure. I need to use %taxonomy in the structure. How to do that? Is there any filter available?
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Custom post type taxonomies URL rewrite

What I want to achieve is an online listing catalog with a URL like this: In this example, I have a custom post type named "drawing-tools" ...
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Taxonomy term in permalink

I have a big problem. I have been banging my head on this all day long. It seems to be a stupid easy question. Possibly also with a stupid easy answer. But I can't seem to find it. What I want is ...
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Author url rewrite

The default author permalink is:{username} How can I do something like this ?{username}/songs{username}/books http://...
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Permalinks for custom post-types within custom taxonomies not found

I have tried to apply the advice offered by TheDeadMedic in this post to achieve the following URL structure: = a WP page = a custom archive ...
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Custom post type permalink structure with the category also acting as an archive

I've looked around quite a bit and haven't found anything exactly what I am looking for, so I figured I'd post here. This post and answer is very very close, but I'm having trouble adapting it to what ...
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custom post type and custom taxonomy url conflict

I have custom post type called paintings and it has a custom taxonomy called paintings_category. Currently I have this situation: A page using page-paintings.php example....
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Taxonomies in URL

I have a custom post type and two custom taxonomies associated with it. One is locations and the other is activities. How can I form the permalinks in the following format?
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