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Classic Custom Post Types and WP-PageNavi

Has anyone made this work? I am searching for a solution for 2 days now, and it won`t work. I have... $paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1; $updates = new WP_Query(array( '...
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Custom post type navigation - 404 on page 2

I have a custom post type portfolio and now I'm trying to enable navigation for the template where 10 portfolio items are shown. I'm using the following code to query the posts: if ( get_query_var('...
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Pagination With Custom WP Query not functioning

I have the following custom query and im attempting to paginate the links of previous archive posts using the example from the wordpress codex
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WP Paginate not working properly

Im creating a WP for a custom type post in a page template: <? global $paged; global $notquery; $temp = $notquery; $notquery = ...
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Search results with custom loop don't update when paged

I have the following code in my search results page to split up posts per category. When I go to the 2nd page of pagination, the results are exactly the same as the first. I'm assuming $paged has to ...
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Pagination linking to first page

I have created a query which work correctly and displays the pagination correctly. However when clicking the links /products/category/application-range/page/2 the page will load and go back to /...
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Trouble Making WP_Query paged

I'm using the query below in the index.php file as the main query, whenever I try to go to the 2nd page I get a 404 error, I tried using posts_per_page but to no avail. <?php $args = array( '...
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Query Not working as expected

So I wrote a rather - unattractive function - a while ago and I was re-factoring some code and I realized my query function doesn't work ... I recently made a post about how my tansient posts were ...
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Pagination inside the blog page not working

I have a widget which creates a grid with pagination. If I am using the pagination then it works fine when used on the page to display grid. But when I am using that in inside a blog post. The ...
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