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How to pass arguments to add_action() [duplicate]

I declared an action for a single event in Wordpress which accepts an array as an argument: $asins = array(); //I had to declare this since I'm getting a notice of undefined variable if I don't ...
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How to create Admin Notice from Plugin with argument? [duplicate]

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How to remove the function hooked to action within a class [duplicate]

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How to Pass External Variables to Filters/Actions

I find myself needing to pass custom data to a filter provided by a 3rd party plugin. All of the ways I've seen to do this are really complicated and hard to wrap my head around. Take this example: $...
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Using dynamic conditions in 'posts_where' filter

I have the following code which gives be posts that are published in the last 100 days function smbd_cats_by_days ($where = '') { $where .= " AND post_date < '" . date('y-m-d', strtotime("-...
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the_excerpt - want to modify password protected output

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How to pass hook variable to function?

I have a function that has an add_action inside it that calls the user_register hook. I would like to be able to echo the variable $user_id from the user_register hook and the $_POST array as well. (...
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Why won't the action hook wp_head accept parameters?

I'm working on a plugin that adds scripting to the head using add_action('wp_head',..); I have to pass a variable to the function to get my desired result. To test this I'm simple "echoing" out the ...
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Can I pass parameters to the add_shortcode() function?

As the title states, I need to pass at least one parameter, maybe more, to the add_shortcode() function. In other words, those parameters I am passing will be used in the callback function of ...
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Add Filter - Pass Variable (PHP < 5.3)

When using Anonymous Functions in PHP < 5.3 I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION This is especially troublesome for add_filters. For instance, if I want to make a ...
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Sending Parameter Failed

This is so basic, but i couldn't understand why it's not working, i'm trying to send parameter from add_action(), this is my code in my function.php: function testingID( $testParam) { var_dump($...
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