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WPSE Plugin Repository: The plugins that came out of WP-Answers

Link your WPSE-Plugins If you answered a question and made a plugin out of your code, than this is your place to share it. The Idea: An old comment from @MikeSchinkel during the beta phase where he ...
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Need help with add_rewrite_rule

SOLUTION I've gone with Update 3 and have got it working. What I had misunderstood, was that I believed that a rewrite rule would change designers/?designer=some-designer&bid=9 to /designers/...
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Remove taxonomy slug from a custom hierarchical taxonomy permalink

I created a 'forum' taxonomy, using these rules: register_taxonomy( 'forum', array('topic'), array( 'public' => true, 'name' => _a('Forums'), 'singular_name' => _a('Forum'),...
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Custom page with variables in url. Nice url with add_rewrite_rule

Using WP3.1 I Have a custom page with a WP_Query and the query gets dynamic variables from the url. And i want safe variables and clean urls. Example: carpage/?carmodel=honda&location=...
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Including category-base in a post permalink results in 404

I have static front-page and separate page /news/ as the Posts page. I would like to have the single-post URLs like this: and for the category ...
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Change author base slug for different roles

Is it possible to change the author base slug according to his role? For example, authors get and subscribers get I am thinking of ...
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Pretty permalinks for search results with extra query var

I'd like to know how I can rewrite a search URL that also contains an extra query var into a pretty permalink using wp_redirect and the template_redirect hook. I have taken the code from the Nice ...
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Performance of my permalink structure?

I have read the discussion on the performance of different permalinks on the wp hackers mailinglist, THIS forum and around Google. I could however not really deduce if the permalink structure I have ...
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Need help with friendly URL's in Wordpress

I'm creating som custom templates in Wordpress and I'm passing some data in the URL's. Currently my URL looks like this: The URL ...
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Regex problem in an add_rewrite_rule

I'm working on a category page for a custom post type called articles in WP 3.1, and I'm having some trouble with extracting the page number. The url: /articles/category/background/ Currently, what ...
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How do I set a custom base URL for standard posts?

Currently, permalinks are set to /%postname%/. I'd like to prefix "blog" before all standard posts. I'm using several custom post types, each with their own rewrite rules in the setup. How can I ...
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Contributing to the community

I have recently found myself with some time on my hands and with no problem of my own, I would like to solve someone's problem. I'd like to contribute to the WP community how best would I be able to ...
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Custom rewrite rules for pages

I'm trying to get WordPress to recognize a URL structure like this:{id}/{first_name}/{last_name} The basic ideea is that I need to access the id, first_name and last_name in ...
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Changing the URL Structure of a Paginated Custom Post

I have a custom post type for slideshows that creates a paginated post and each slide is a separate page. The data for each slide is saved in the custom fields and each slide has a title set saved in ...
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Redirecting when changing custom post type slugs?

I changed the name of two of my custom post types. The original slugs for them did not properly reflect the post type. So I need to redirect requests for posts beginning with designer_lingerie (the ...
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