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Add category base to URL in custom post type/taxonomy

I am building an LMS type system in WordPress, controlled by Custom Post types. The post type is called Lessons (with a slug of courses) and it has one custom taxonomy (category) called courses. The ...
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How to create a permalink structure with custom taxonomies and custom post types like base-name/parent-tax/child-tax/custom-post-type-name

I've been combing this site and google for the answer and I've come up completely empty. Basically I want to do exactly what this post asks, but I need a hierarchical taxonomy. The answer given in ...
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Custom Taxonomy specific to a Custom Post type

I want to create a custom taxonomy which behaves similar to the post type as a category behaves to a the default posts (on the grounds of /%category%/%postname%/ permalink structure) so that the posts ...
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Adding categories to custom post type in permalink

I know people have asked this before and have gone as far as adding the custom post type, and rewrite for permalink. The problem is I have 340 existing categories which I would like to continue ...
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How to achieve this permalink -> category-name/custom-post-type-name/post-name

I am trying to use categories to provide the structure for my site. I will create sections on my site called England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland . These will be categories. My posts will use custom ...
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Add %taxonomy% in custom permalink structure

By default WordPress supports %category% tag in custom permalink structure. I need to use %taxonomy in the structure. How to do that? Is there any filter available?
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Taxonomy term in permalink

I have a big problem. I have been banging my head on this all day long. It seems to be a stupid easy question. Possibly also with a stupid easy answer. But I can't seem to find it. What I want is ...
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Use the category name instead of category slug in permalinks

How to create a permalink structure which finish by: /category-name/post-name/ Instead of: /category-slug/post-name/ By default, Wordpress is offering %category% tag strucure as "A sanitized ...
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Wordpress Search Filter Only for Page with Child of Child of Child of Child of Child

after browsing question from this site I found the workaround for this: function SearchFilter($query) { if ($query->is_search) { global $post; $query->set( 'post_parent', 21 ...
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How can I assign multiple parents to CPT?

I have created cpt called product-1, this product qualifies for 2 categories "paints" and "coatings", however I can only select 1 parent for the post. What would be the best way to ...
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