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how does the rendering works?

i am trying to get a rough idea about how Wordpress renders the final content, built-in and plugin content. Rendering means to me, manipulating direct or indirect(delay via ajax,..) the DOM. To keep ...
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Using "add_image_size" to register custom image sizes inside plugins not working

I noticed that most examples of add_image_size() is done via the after_setup_theme hook. Which means, for it to register, one has to switch theme and reactivate the theme. Which is not ideal for me as ...
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Is functions.php in themes applied to all templates?

I've been reading the theme developer handbook for a bit and maybe I ended up with one too many questions on wordpress theme development. I haven't done any theme/php development in a very long time ...
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How can I get the Post ID and Post Type within a Must Use Plugin?

I'm trying to get the Post ID and the Post Type inside of my MU Plugin; functions like: get_the_ID() and get_post_type() return false, instead of the desire values. I read that many functions are ...
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How to use a shortcode of a plugin in another plugin php file

I'm trying to implement reservation function in my web with two plugins of wordpress. Two plugins are reservation plugin and payment plugin, respectively. Reservation plugin has some steps for ...
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Only allow a plugin to work on a specific page? (Prefer not to use a plugin)

I know that there is an 'answer' to my question here but it has -2 votes. As the title of the question suggests - I am trying to allow a WordPress Plugin to ONLY execute on a template. What is the '...
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How Wordpress understands what do with the (all) key in the $wp_filter array? [duplicate]

In the isset( $wp_filter['all]), the all key will fire for all other hooks. i need to know how Wordpress understands what to do if the key all is used.. It should be defined somewhere which make ...
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include plugin folder directly in theme folder to load faster page n wp

include plugin folder directly in theme folder to load faster page in wp? Load jquery in the footer and the jquery load from plugin installed also.
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Need to use an external variable inside a function

Need help with a theme I'm working on. Basically I have a variable that's set early called $type <?php if ( preg_match( "/^kssm-/i", $licensekey )&& preg_match("/@/i", $licensekey) == ...
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How to pass variable to functions.php?

I have a variable, created in page.php, and would like to pass this to a function in functions.php. Possible?
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