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Best way to customise wp_nav_menu [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Menu items description? Custom Walker for wp_nav_menu() I'm familiar with WordPress and using the WordPress menu system. But I'm looking for a way to add custom HTML to ...
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Any docs for wp_nav_menu's "items_wrap" argument?

I'm using wp_nav_menu and am trying to create custom output for the sub-level drop downs. I came across the "items_wrap" argument but there's really not much information as to what it is, how it ...
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wp_nav_menu(), how to change <li> class?

I'm building a menu for my website. The static is looking like this: <nav> <ul id="menu"> <li class="item_1"><a href="#">Item 1</a></li> <li ...
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How to Create Editable Blocks of Text for the Homepage?

I'm making a site based on WordPress. It's not going to seem a blog or WP. Just a website. So WP acts like backend where the client can edit the text blocks. Question: How can I put block of text on ...
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Display navigation menu item conditionally based on user capabilities

I have one "branch" of my main site's navigation tree that should only be accessible to a set of registered, logged-in users. I understand how to query a user's role and capabilities. This question is ...
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Edit HTML of Wordpress navigation bar

Is there a way to change the html of my wordpress page's navigation bar? (I'd like to add in several divs that will be controlled with media queries.) Thanks for reading!
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Add Dividers or Separators Between Nav Menu Items

Does anybody have an idea on how to allow a user to drop in separators or dividers between certain nav menu items? Google only seems to bring up rookie CSS tips for first/last child selectors but I ...
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Add a #hash to the links in my custom menu

I have created a static frontpage where I load in the content of all my pages. Now I have a normal custom menu, but the links refer to the pages, for example: Now I want to ...
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wordpress custom walker for thumbnails with custom menu

I'm still very novice at PHP so any help is greatly appreciated. Typically I have found the codex to be very helpful but it appears custom walkers may be outside its scope. I'd like to have ...
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Create a formatted table-like menu

I've just put the site up a couple weeks ago and adding some more things to it for my friend however there's got to be an easier way to lay content out over wordpress. I've having a hard time with it ...
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Remove li from wp_nav_menu

How can I remove the li from wp_nav_menu? I know I can remove ul but is it also possible to remove the li? I would want to do this on just one menu not all the menus on my site.
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Allow html tags in WordPress Custom Menus Description Field

I added descriptions to my menus using this post, Menu items description? Custom Walker for wp_nav_menu(). However I need to be able to use html tags and WordPress is stripping them out. Can anyone ...
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How can I add a class to a single menu item?

I'm trying to modify a non-WP theme to be compatible with my newest WP project, and one of the issues is a drop-down menu item. Since it's a totally custom theme, I want to replicate the behavior of ...
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How can I Add a variable PHP in the Menu Nav

I want to add a variable in the Menu, for passing a value in all my page. The purpose is to retrieve a value for transport to another web site (from my website links) to the tracking, this value ...
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insert element inside wp menu list item

I am not sure if it is clear from the title what I want to achieve here so let me try to clarify this. I wanna make use of Wordpress's menu system and need to adjust it to my needs, which means that ...
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