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List all sidebar names?

I'm listing all sidebars like that: global $wp_registered_sidebars; echo '<pre>'; print_r($wp_registered_sidebars); echo '</pre>' So I'm getting something like: Array ( [sidebar-1]...
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No Error Log File, no debug info

My error when writing a plugin for uploads and yes, I can debug. But it just jumps directly from this line to destruct the end of my wp-config.php EDIT: // Enable WP_DEBUG mode define('WP_DEBUG', ...
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Pagination that includes "view all on one page"

I'm using the code below to create pagination for my post results, it works fine but is it possible to add a "view all posts on one page" button to the pagination? This would presumably override ...
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how to get all post with the same post meta?

some of my posts have the post meta of "project_id". How can I retrive all the posts which have the meta key of "project_id" ? I tried: $meta_key = 'project_id'; return $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->...
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Custom URl parameter

i have Wp blog that need to receive a custom paramter on category page for filter the posts like my rule. For example: How can I get the myvar from URL?...
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Different Menus based on Category Page

I was trying to set up different menus based on what category "page" you were on using the built in Wordpress menu editor. In my header file I set up: <?php if (is_home()) { $menu = 'home'...
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Wordpress 3.1.2 Bug: add_theme_support() and video post format registering twice

Ive been experiencing a problem with the new WordPress 3.1.2 update. When i use add_theme_support(); and register an array of post formats, it registers all of them fine, but when it comes to the ...
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Can't manage to display an uploaded picture (uploaded from a custom button) in the front end

I followed this tutorial in order too add a custom upload button in the Wordpress admin. It displays the picture you just uploaded right after saving: The problem is that I can't manage to display ...
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Truncating varying lengths of information

I was helped not long ago with a form of custom truncating by Toscho on this post it works very well but I'm finding that I need to create multiple length variations for different bits of content. For ...
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How-to inspect filter-able $vars?

Note: This is more of a tutorial/wiki than a real question and should be a reference for later Questions. If you got something to add, please feel free to add an answer. Working answers get upvoted. :)...