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Multiple WP_Query loops with Pagination

There are a few other questions about this (and WP_Query pagination seems to be a huge question for a lot of people) so I'm trying to narrow down exactly how to make it function. I'm able to create a ...
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How to paginate wordpress [gallery] shortcode?

I am using wordpress gallery shortcode [gallery] I was wondering if there is anyway to paginate them without using a plugin.
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How to paginate a list of child pages

I am using the following code to list the child pages of the current page being viewed. But it only outputs the last 5 child pages; i want it to list all pages in blocks of 5 with "next" and "previous"...
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Paginate recent posts widget

I've created a clone of the core Recent Posts widget as suggested here Code for Recent Posts Widget, but how would I go about adding pagination to that widget? I intend on using auto-pagination for ...
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Use WP pagination functions on a custom page template

I have a custom page template, I'm using a standard WPQuery to fetch the posts from the default posts custom post type. I'm looping through all the posts however now I have more posts than I allow in ...
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Pagination reset problem

I need a fix for this web page. The page is attached if you wish to review the code. The pagination on each tab does not reset to 1 when the user has made a selection. This needs to reset when they ...
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How do I paginate a get_posts() request inside another page loop (Paginating childpages)

The heading says a lot, so I'll repeat it here "How do I paginate a get_posts() request inside another page loop?" I'm using a page to display child-pages and I need to paginate them. Edit: Should I ...
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Pagination with a custom post type

I'm having trouble and got stuck on trying to implant pagination inside my custom post type. I've done research from here with little to no luck, I've surfed the already answered questions here, yet I ...
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next_image_link Displaying All Images Attac

These codes can be used to get the next/previous image, but this code does not limit these images to the gallery. <?php previous_image_link( false, 'Previous' ); ?> <?php next_image_link( ...
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WP_Query next image

So my project is to display each time one image from the Wordpress media library. The WordPress page will display the newest image and also display a << next button that links to the next image....
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