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How to fix pagination for custom loops on front-page.php

A search on this topic on this site throws up a lot of results claiming to have resolved this issue, but I am having a contrary experience after implementing these guidelines as outlined here: How to ...
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Pagination is not working on custom query inside a custom home page template

I know this is a duplicate question. But to comment on existing question, I dont have enough points. So here we go.... Pagination is not working on custom query inside a custom home page template. ...
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Only show pagination when post count exceeds show post

I'm trying to figure out how to write a conditional before I call paginate_links() in my home.php and that will work in other custom page templates. After reading about pagination in custom loops ...
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Custom Loop Pagination on WordPress

I'm trying to create a magazine style website. For this particular page (not homepage) I'd like to fetch the latest post and style it one way (style1). For all the other posts I'd like to just display ...
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Pagination gives 404 in template

I have a page in 'Pages' called 'News'. This page has a template containing my paged custom WP_Query. Here's the code: <?php $paged = 1; if (get_query_var('paged')) { $paged = ...
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Paginate_links won't create the right links on a taxonomy filtered custom post type archive

after hours and dozen of tests and messes... i'm face to the wall and fed up searching (mainly cuz my google's answers are already all clicked !) I'm trying to display paginate_link with a filters ...
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Pagination With Custom WP Query not functioning

I have the following custom query and im attempting to paginate the links of previous archive posts using the example from the wordpress codex
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Why the pagination for a query modified by pre_get_posts doesn't mind the number & order of posts sorted & selected based on a custom date time field

I have the following task I'm trying to accomplish. I want to display events in the post post type. I want to sort them by date and time and there should be events only displayed happening right now ...
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How to create an archive for all posts that do not have a post format?

The title says it all. I need working pagination, correct post count etc. Basically a new page for posts but with a filter for post formats. Things I have tried so far: 1) Created a new rewrite rule ...
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Pagination in custom loop for custom post type throwing 404 error

I searched around for similar problems but it did not worked for me, im a total beginner with WordPress. I made a custom query but the pagination throwing me 404 error Query $paged = (get_query_var(...
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Pagination in relation to archive.php

A small problem here, I just don't know how to change this because I'm a self taught newbie. I made a child-theme from the simone-theme with a static front-page. To it I have the archive.php as the ...
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How to set up pagination for a custom loop on a global template (author.php, tag.php, archive.php?)

I am trying to set up several archive pages (author.php and tag.php) that loop through a custom query. While I am able to utilize the instructions in the following link to create a custom query on a ...
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new WP_Query messes up pagination

I've been looking around for a solution to displaying a separate amount of posts specifically for the archive pages, and thought I had came up with some working code, however I see it messes up ...
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Next Post links not working in custom post type shortcode

I'm trying to paginate some custom posts types, and the previous link works, but not the next link. I tried several ways but I'm not able to find the correct one... if anyone could help :) This is ...
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Properly display posts on homepage

I'm having trouble displaying posts from a single category on the homepage the way I want them to appear. The theme I'm using uses a 3 column layout for the homepage and a content-sidebar layout for ...
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