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Any tips on fitting pagination into my loop below and I owe you a beer or two. I've worked out how to pull the top rated articles by vote from a custom plugin, and lay it out with a count, but ...
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Pagination in custom loop [duplicate]

I thought I know how to add pagination to a custom loop and I've seen these questions and tutorials: Pagination not working with custom loop
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Why are maintenance releases now auto-update? [duplicate]

When the recent 4.1.1 was released, I thought it must be an important security update, as it's going out to all sites automatically. Reading through the changelog, I found it actually doesn't mention ...
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How do I exclude plugins from getting automatically updated?

There is an opt-in filter that allows all plugins on my site to receive automatic updates: add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' ); I like this feature, but I don't want all my plugins ...
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Prevent/Disable Automatic Update Check

WordPress automatically checks for updates to itself and all installed themes and plugins. This adds an annoyingly long delay to loading (any) WordPress pages. In only happens once per day and ...
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Will A WordPress automatic update harm my website?

Recently I got to know that my Wordpress site is automatically updating itself when a new version of Wordpress is available. I know that this automatic feature is available in Wordpress since ...
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How do I set a custom WordPress update repository?

I'm co-authoring a white paper on utilising WordPress as a foundation for a web-app, I would like to change the repository that the core WordPress updates from, the latest additions of automatic ...
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Automatic Upgrade Filters in Multisite

Related to this question: How Do I Configure Automatic Updates in WordPress 3.7? I help maintain the Update Control Plugin - source on wp dot org/trunk. The Plugin is quite simple; it sets filters ...
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Possible to manually force update to latest Wordpress?

I built a basic site as a favour to a friend several years ago which I was recently asked to update. Upon logging in, I get the dashboard sidebar but nothing else — the page itself is blank (see ...
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What is a good way to test that plugin upgrades have completed properly?

I'm working to automate plugin upgrades across all my WordPress installs. Part of that process is making sure the plugins upgraded correctly, didn't introduce errors and don't cause new conflicts with ...
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