I have loaded WP visual editor in comments using wp_editor function and I want to customize the height and buttons of the editor, also it would be much better to show Text mode/tab only and disable the Visual mode/tab.

Here my code:

    $settings = array(
                      false,        // wpautop
                      false,        // media_buttons
                      'comment',    // textarea_name
                      5,            // textarea_rows
                      'None',       // tabindex
                      'None',       // editor_css
                      'test',       // editor_class
                      true,         // teeny
                      true,         // tinymce
                      true          // quicktags

<?php wp_editor( 'Enter your comments here', get_the_ID(), $settings); ?> 


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OK, I found the solutions, anyone else can benefit from it.

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