My wordpress theme has a button to turn breadcrumbs on or off.

I want to leave the breadcrumb turned off and place a line of text where the breadcrumb would display on all pages except the home page.

You can see the breadcrumb here: http://greenesrelease.com/what-is-it/

I see in the sub_page_header.php where the breadcrumb is called

if(!is_front_page() &&  ( get_option('rttheme_breadcrumb_menus') || get_option(THEMESLUG.'_show_search') )){
    $info_bar = TRUE;
}else{$info_bar = FALSE;}

There is a difference between the home page and the front page. Since the code uses is_front_page I assume that is what you want, but check the Codex for the difference.

I don't know how your theme works, but it looks like the theme rolls several things into the "info bar". The code you posted just checks to see if there is any reason to display that bar.

if (
  !is_front_page()                          // does not show on the front page
  && (                                      // shows if either
    get_option('rttheme_breadcrumb_menus')  //     there is a breadcrumb option saved
    || get_option(THEMESLUG.'_show_search') //     or a search option
  $info_bar = TRUE;
} else {
  $info_bar = FALSE;

You might be able to hack those conditionals to get something close to what you want but because the "info bar" does several different things I don't know that you can alter that to get exactly what you want. I think that the thing you need to alter is the code that generates the "info bar" itself.

I am refering to an "info bar" because there is an $info_bar variable. Right now, that variable name is all I have to go on. You will need to look for something that uses that $info_bar variable. I expect if will look something like...

if($info_bar) {
  // some code probably 

... but that is a guess. If you can find that function name then find the function itself...

a_function_that_makes_the_infobar() {
  // some code

... and edit the code into your question, I will revise the answer.

  • thanks for your response. there is no info bar on the front page. it contains breadcrumbs and a search bar, that is all. any suggestions where to look for the info bar? or what file? – Janet May 4 '13 at 19:20
  • @Janet : See the update – s_ha_dum May 4 '13 at 20:26

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