Let's say I have created a page in admin dashboard and put some content in it.

How I can find PHP file in my hosting file manager that contains that content?

screenshot of issue

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You are under a fundamentally wrong assumption: The content you input via the administrative back-end does not live in a file, but in the database, specifically in the wp_posts table.

Do not be misguided by the table's name, a "page" is technically a post of type page.

If you attempted to find the content you created via your "hosting file manager", it is very likely your hoster also provides you with a tool to explore your database - In 90+% of cases, that'll be "phpMyAdmin".


That content is in the database, not in any template. The page that displays that database content could be page.php, or a custom template, depending on your theme and page.


You don't. The content of your Page is stored in the database, not in the PHP files.

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