I do a fair bit with custom API's on WordPress-based sites, typically by creating page templates.

However, creating a custom page template, then creating a WP Page that utilizes it is kind of a pain (not to mention the ugly names I have to use to keep users from deleting or changing them)*.

I prefer the low overhead of plain php files, but then I obviously lose access to WP functions.

Is there a better, more MVC-esque way to get custom logic that can call WP functions firing at specific URLs and yet keep it hidden from the admin?

*I know I can manually un-register pages from the admin, but this is even more of a pain!


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The template_redirect hook might be what you are looking for.

function template_redir_wpse_97289($content) {
  // code or file include, for example

That will fire just before the page template is loaded so you could use it to load your own templates.

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