I have a small problem with a code that works most of the time. I just discovered it cannot be used when I bulk edit custom post type. If I'm on individual post page and hit publish, the custom post type gets published and the user meta gets updated.

If I use the bulk edit to publish many posts at once, the user meta is not updated.

    function sa_ads_count() {
        global $wpdb, $post;
        $authordata = get_userdata($post->post_author);
        $author = $authordata->ID;
        // get initial count
        $single = true;
        $ads_count = get_user_meta( $author, 'ads_count', $single );
        if ( strlen( $ads_count ) > 0 ) {
            $ads_count = intval( $ads_count ); // make sure it's a number
            $ads_count++; // increment by one
        } else {
            // meta isn't set, so we'll create it
            $rows = $wpdb->get_results( $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT post_status, COUNT(ID) as count FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_author = %d AND post_type = 'post_type' GROUP BY post_status", $author ) );

$stats = array();
foreach ( $rows as $row )
    $stats[ $row->post_status ] = $row->count;
            $ads_count = isset($stats['publish']) ? $stats['publish'] : 0;

        update_user_meta( $author, 'ads_count', $ads_count );

add_action( 'pending_to_publish', 'sa_ads_count' );

Any idea what is wrong here? Is it a WordPress limitation or this can be solved? The thing is, I need this hook as I only want to count and store for every user, the number of posts that I approve and publish.

Later on, I want to change new post status directly to publish based on the number of posts the user has approved. This I already achieved.


Try using the $post parameter:

add_action( 'pending_to_publish', 'sa_ads_count' );

function sa_ads_count( $post )
    // use the $post variable here, not the missing global.
  • Thanks a lot toscho for opening my eyes. I got it to work with this final code: add_action( 'transition_post_status', 'sa_ads_count', 10, 3 ); function sa_ads_count( $new_status, $old_status, $post ) { if ( $new_status == 'publish' && $old_status == 'pending' ) { // the post has been approved, do stuff ... } – ovidiubica Apr 19 '13 at 18:10
  • @ovidiubica See my update, it is even easier. For more see this answer. – fuxia Apr 19 '13 at 18:26
  • Too bad I can't vote for now, this is even better, I can't believe how easy this was. Little details make big difference. Thanks a lot Thomas. – ovidiubica Apr 19 '13 at 19:27
  • One more question, I was hoping to only count and store pending_to_publish actions but it seems this also counts new_to_publish actions. Could this be due to the fact that users are "contributors" instead of "authors" ? – ovidiubica Apr 20 '13 at 6:42
  • Hm, that shouldn’t happen. I think it worth a new question. – fuxia Apr 20 '13 at 8:16

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