All my users have usernames that follow this pattern: firstname-lastname (with a dash between them).

However, I would like to allow them to login to WP (multisite) with a space instead of a dash.

How would I go about doing this?

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Looks like you can, though I've never tried. After digging through wp-login.php and a few other files, I found my way to the sanitize_user function and filter. Here's the function description from /wp-includes/formatting.php (on line 888 as of this writing):

Removes tags, octets, entities, and if strict is enabled, will only keep alphanumeric, _, space, ., -, @. After sanitizing, it passes the username, raw username (the username in the parameter), and the value of $strict as parameters for the 'sanitize_user' filter.

Here's the filter, the last line of the function:

apply_filters( 'sanitize_user', $username, $raw_username, $strict );

So, you obviously need to take care to appropriately sanitize the username (and probably should account for when $strict is true), but you can override the username passed onto WordPress from the login form and other forms (which is to be say, be careful and watch out for something unexpected).

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