I'm running a WP site with WooCommerce and I want to do some caching. I'm going to exclude the pages such as the cart/checkout for obvious reasons however there are a couple of the things on the site I would like to stay dynamic and not be cached.

An example is the number of items in the cart and there's also a block of html that displays differently whether you're logged in or not.

So my question is, should I load these via AJAX or should I define them as fragments using mfunc? What are the advantages and benefits for each and which one is recommended for this task?

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  • Good question, have you found any answer for it somewhere? Thank you. – Marvin3 May 12 '13 at 9:29
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I'm not a friend of link only answers, but as I can't bind the whole source code + explanation in here, I'll just leave a link to @Rarst Fragment Cache Plugin.

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