I want to display the number of comments a particular post has, so i thought i'd use comments_number, however when i use this the comment number gets printed outside of the span it's supposed to be contained within.

I tried using get_comments_number too, but that instead displays nothing at all.

The code below has been added to my functions.php amongst other code, but i just cannot get the comment number to display inside the span - it just prints at the top of the page.

$content .= '<p class="meta"><span class="date">'.$date.'</span><span class="comments">'. comments_number() .'</span></p>';

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comments_number doesn't return the number of comments, it echos it out.

As the codex clearly states:

Use get_comments_number() to retrieve the value.

  • Seems there was an issue with how i was initially using get_comments_number - but yes, it works like a charm. Commented Apr 10, 2013 at 17:44

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