I am in the following situation: I had an old blog that was made using Joomla (this blog was indexed well enough by search engines). Due to some problems I deleted it and moved the site over to WordPress/

Now I have many visits (from Google) that lead to specific pages of the old site (pages that don't exist in the new version).

For example I have visits to URLs as /scorejava/index.php/corso-spring-mvc/1-test that doesn't exist on my new site.

I would know if using the .htaccess file (or other system) I can redirect the HTTP Request directed to some subfolder (that don't exist in the new version) to the homepage of my new site .

For example I have the request towards the empty URL: /scorejava/index.php/corso-spring-mvc/1-test and I would create a regular expression that say something like: all the request toward the subfolder /corso-spring-mvc (and all it's content file and subfolder) have to be redirected to www.scorejava.com

Is it possible?

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That should be easy:

RedirectMatch Permanent corso-spring-mvc/ /

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