I don't understand when to use $post->ID or $post->post->ID with CPTs. I have :

$event = get_post( $event_id );
$event_pre_register = get_post_meta($event->post->ID, "Event Pre-register deadline", true); 

Or is it : get_post_meta($event->ID ... ?

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If you have the CPT's ID in the $event_id variable you plug into the get_post() call - why would you not simply just (re)use that for the first parameter of get_post_meta() ?

That aside, get_post() returns a post object (instance of WP_Post), which you choose to assign to $event. Hence $event now has a public property $ID, which can be accessed by $event->ID.


You can just reuse $event_id here. $event->ID should be fine too.

Inspect your variables with a little helper like this:

print '<pre>$event = '
    . htmlspecialchars( print_r( $event, TRUE ), ENT_QUOTES, 'utf-8', FALSE )
    . "</pre>\n";
  • +1 for the inspection snippet. Simple, but anyhoo, I usually dump shit with a straight var_dump - fine for a single float or the like, but this makes large objects or nested associative arrays so much more readable. Man, I dig "stealing" your code. ;) Apr 5, 2013 at 4:28

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