What we did was delete a category to smooth out some confusion. The old url was: http://uafnews.com/headlines/my-permalink but now it is http://uafnews.com/my-permalink. How could I have people who come to old url get to the article now with it's new url? I am so new to this part of web development.


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Maybe you could use an .htaccess rule to manage that, but i don't know if WordPress handles that.

It would have to be something like

Redirect /olddirectory/oldfile.html http://example.com/newdirectory/newfile.html

More info at: How do I redirect my site using a .htaccess file

  • Actually you wold have problems with this in wordpress 'cause of the permalinks, 'cause i don't think you would like to hardwrite each link
    – TorijaCarlos
    Apr 1, 2013 at 21:29
  • I checked a post at the wordpress forums and they seem to have the same answer so give it a try wordpress.org/support/topic/redirect-rules
    – TorijaCarlos
    Apr 1, 2013 at 21:35
  • I appreciate all your help but after reading more on the links provided I was even more confused. I have a large volume of stories which were taken out of the "headlines" category and I really am unaware of their urls. I was hoping for some wild card which I could use to redirect from old url to the new url which is just minus the word headlines in the urls or would this be more like a rewrite rule. I am just not sure. Apr 2, 2013 at 19:10

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