There seems to be a strange issue with my multisite on my live blog. Maybe its because I have one site set to "deleted" - so I can edit it, but the public can't see it?

My current upload is set up as such:


This gives me a link such as (the link is real, I replaced my site address with example.com):


This works on every single site I have, I recently created a new site and uploading images via the uploaded shows me a broken image and the console states it cannot find it.

So I went to FPT and went into blogs.dir (stored at the base of wp-content) and went to site 10 and sure enough, under files/2013/03/ are the files I have uploaded.

I then went to my media uploader, looked at the broke image and clicked view, this showed me that the image was going from example.com/files/2013/03/ - this is simmilar to all the other sites I have on the network, they all map images like this and the images work.

My next suspicion was file permissions, I checked the permission of "10" folder, it was not same as the rest so I did sudo chown -R user-name 10 which changed the owner from apache to me.

Still the images get uploaded yet they are "broken" as in they cannot be found.

So I come to you guys to ask, what's going on?

  • Right-click on one of the "broken" images, copy the image's URL, and paste that URL into a new tab. Does the image come up? Does the URL look remotely right? Is it a local URL? (Also, I note that the example.com URL is looking for a file in /files/2013/01/ but you then talk about /files/2013/03/ -- make sure you're looking in the right directory.
    – Pat J
    Apr 1, 2013 at 17:03

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The issue turned out to be the fact that, at least for me, sites can not be "deleted." once I changed the status of the site the images showed up and started working as they should.

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