I am new to WordPress and need help. I am currently working on the site http://ecentriconline.com/surferbeachfront.

On this page, I want to display the left hand side as a widget. Right now, the left hand side is coded in the index.php page.

Please let me know the steps that I need to do to achive this.

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To speak generally, you need to define a sidebar for your theme (sidebars contain widgets) and display that sidebar in your template.

  1. In your theme's functions.php file, register a dynamic sidebar using register_sidebar()
  2. Create a sidebar.php file in your theme directory that calls dynamic_sidebar()
  3. Make sure your other template files (or header.php/footer.php if that is more appropriate) calls get_sidebar()

If you need some more specifics, please feel free to update this question or ask a new question. (Seeing code is good, we can provide feedback on code.)

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