I’m setting up a store selling art prints that have multiple canvas/paper types, and ten different print sizes for 200 photos. All prices on all sizes with specified canvas-type are the same from image to image, but they have to be entered one at a time on the variations drop-down admin. That means thousands of entries if it has to be done for each variation on each product. And then if there’s a price increase, thousands of edits instead of just a few dozen.

The “Bulk Editing” feature for variations changes all the prices of ALL the variations. (That is, if you "Bulk Edit" the price, all variations-- small, medium, large -- end up with the same price.)

If you’re managing any real number of products with multiple variations and prices that need to be changed, this is a real shortcoming of woocommerce.

Is there a way to batch edit variations for multiple products, or create a product template that would have the same variations for prices with different sizes?

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The only solution I've found for mass updating variations that all have different prices is to get an extension / plug in that allows you to export the data to a spreadsheet file format, then make the desired changes to the file using a spreadsheet program, and then import the modified spreadsheet. The Woo Commerce team sells such a plugin, but the price is kind of steep... it's almost a hundred bucks. If anyone has a cheaper solution, I'm all ears.

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  • Like mentioned above, we have developed a version that you can bulk edit right in your dashboard and its much much less then that other one. You can find it here bit.ly/1blYEsa – matt Feb 28 '14 at 0:01

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