I would like to style a category link depending on its ID, for instance, if the category ID is 2, then I want the link to be pink.

I cannot find a way to do the same thing to links. What type of solutions are available? Please be detailed in your reply as my coding knowledge is limited. Thanks a lot :)

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    what category links are you referring to? the ones from a category menu or categories widget? or the one from a post? – Michael Mar 23 '13 at 18:53

Open the page which is rendering the category posts, and in the appropriate place (before running the loop) write the following code

$catid = get_cat_id();
$color = "#222"; //default;
if ($catid == $pinkCategoryId) $color = "#8B0A50";
else if ($catid == $redCategoryId) $color = "#FF0000";

<style type = 'text/css'>
a { color: <?php echo $color;?>; }

Now adjust the code block above according to your need

You can also use it by category name instead of category id, just change the get_cat_id to get_the_category() which will return the current category name. Then you can perform the rest of the task as is

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  • I am not insisting, but when an answer solves your problem please select the answer as accepted one. – Hasin Hayder Mar 23 '13 at 18:12
  • Thanks for your help, but should i replace $pinkCategoryId by an ID ? Here is how i call the category link on the page: <?php $categories = get_the_category(); $separator = ' '; $output = ''; if($categories){ foreach($categories as $category) { $output .= '<a href="'.get_category_link( $category->term_id ).'" title="' . esc_attr( sprintf( __( "View all posts in %s" ), $category->name ) ) . '">'.$category->cat_name.'</a>'.$separator; } echo trim($output, $separator); } ?> – Ludo Mar 23 '13 at 18:17
  • you can use category name too, see the answer above - I have edited – Hasin Hayder Mar 23 '13 at 18:19
  • ok thanks, but the color doesn't work. could you please tell me if my code is correct ? <?php $catid = get_the_category(); if ($catid == "typographie") $color = "#8B0A50"; else if ($catid == "signalétique") $color = "#FF0000"; else if ($catid == "édition") $color = "black"; else if ($catid == "identité visuelle") $color = "red"; ?> <style type = 'text/css'> a { color: <?php echo $color;?>; } </style> <? foreach($catid as $category) { echo $category->cat_name . ' '; } ?> – Ludo Mar 24 '13 at 20:07

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