I'm working on a plugin and want to restrict some things to my plugin-specific admin menu pages only. Therefore, I write the slugs being returned when adding (sub)menu pages into an array so I can check later on the current page against it.

The problem seems to be that get_current_screen is returning null when called from/before admin_init. I add the menu pages, however, hooked to admin_menu - which is before admin_init.

Here is the not working code:

add_action( 'admin_menu', 'my_admin_menu' );
function my_admin_menu() {
    // Set up plugin admin menu
    $menu_pages = array();
    $menu_pages[] = add_menu_page( ... );
    $menu_pages[] = add_submenu_page( ... );

    $screen = get_current_screen(); // UNFORTUNATELY, $screen is null here
    $screen = $screen->id;
    foreach ( $menu_pages as $page ) if ( $screen === $page ) {
        // Do plugin-specific stuff
} // function my_admin_menu

So, do I really have to store the pages array in a way that I can access it later in a function hooked somewhere after admin_init? I thought about just using the page slugs where I defined the pages and then forget about it.

As toscho pointed out, one may use the slugs as hooks (what they actually are):

$page = add_menu_page( ... );
add_action( $page, ... );

However, when in need of the current screen, that hook is located too early in the chain, so one could/should use add_action( 'load-' . $page, ...); instead.

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The slug returned by add_menu_page() is the name of an action.

foreach ( $menu_pages as $action )
    add_action( $action, "callback_handler" );

See the comments in my demo plugin T5 Admin Menu Demo.


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